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STAT BOMB: UK workers will earn over £27,500 making hot drinks

Boffins at Tea and Coffee have worked out that on average a person within the workplace will earn £27,745, from within their overall salary, making hot drinks over the course of their lifetime.

Analysing data derived from an online survey, it found that this hot beverage making side hustle differs by industry:

Architecture – £37,295.41

Sales – £23,261.09

Software Development – £32,276.90

Graphic Design – £23,497.60

Data Analyst – £30,716.23

Tea and Coffee were able to deduce from this study that the accountancy industry spent the most time away from their workstations to make hot drinks for themselves, with accountants earning on average £42,000 in their lifetime making tea.

People within the Video, Film & TV industry cost their companies the least amount of total cuppa money over their lifetime totalling at just over £21,000. 

People working within The City of Westminster and Harlow earn the most from their time at the kettle compared to those working in Thornton-Cleveleys and Felling, who sit at the opposite end of the hot drink league table earning the least from their time at the kettle. 

A handy tool is available here for you to figure out your income from time spent making a cuppa.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay