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SUMMER PARTIES: How to plan your outdoor event during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Everyone loves to attend summer parties and outdoor events.

In today’s COVID-19, world, event regulations can change overnight. This means you need to be ready for whatever is thrown your way – including cancellation or rescheduling.

And of course, it’s important that you make sure your guests understand the risks involved in attending your event, from both a safety and financial point of view.

COVID-19 safety for outdoor events is the most crucial aspect of event planning during the COVID-19 pandemic and it goes without saying that this should be the highest priority.

While outdoor events are deemed safer due to the natural ventilation and extra space allowing for easier social distancing, you will also need to take extra precautions to ensure all your guests stay safe.

Here are some top tips from the University of London Senate House:

1. Create distance limitations around bars or buffets

2. Make sure your event is filled to a lower capacity to ensure extra space for social distancing

3. Highlight that the use of masks is required in order to attend your event

4. Provide gel sanitiser throughout locations

5. Ensure guests do not dance in groups or couples

The University of London Senate House, a member of Academic Venue Solutions, has outdoor gardens available for hire in conjunction with their indoor spaces. Their range of central London venues includes three green outdoor spaces – Gordon Square, Woburn Square and Malet Street Gardens (pictured), and are ideal for summer parties or team building events.

Private hire is available for up to 150 guests and they provide modern catering and can offer equipment hire too.

For more information please visit or enquire now at or on +44 (0)20 7862 8127.

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