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Survey shows the best time to pull a sickie

This is the best time to pull a sickie

There are days when you’re genuinely ill and simply can’t go into the office. Then there those days when you just can’t face a day at work and need to pull a sickie. Well, a new study by market research company Attest shows the best time to call in sick is Tuesday at 6.38am.

The survey of 1000 employees revealed you’re more likely to be believed at this time than on a Monday or Friday – everyone can see through your lies and figure out you just want an extended weekend. You’re also less likely to be questioned if your reason for calling in sick is ‘stomach problems’.

But it’s not just about the day of the week; finding the right time of year is also key. A lot of people pull a sickie in November and December, which will put pressure on you to be in the office and fully present. If you’re in need of a pamper day around Christmas, wait until January when most people are back to business as usual.

We obviously don’t condone calling in sick when you’re not actually ill, and we fully agree with Dr Lynda Shaw, who says you shouldn’t need to pull a sickie to have a mental health day. But if you absolutely need a day to recharge your batteries, be smart about it. Don’t make it obvious and be sure to express your regret – but commit to your cause.

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