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How the office lunch is changing

The food delivery service has evolved significantly since the last 250 years – the trusty sandwich lovingly created by the servants of the Earl of Sandwich is a far cry from the kinds of treats we have on our doorsteps today. Sam Hurst, CEO of business catering firm Grazing, shares his views…

Whatever you desire for your office lunch, you can get it delivered straight to your desk on the 3rd floor with an app and a tap.

Uber Eats and Deliveroo are on hand to pick up your favourite High Street ‘chicken burger with extra avocado, pickle and a side of courgette fries’ without you having to move a muscle.

But, you won’t have too long to enjoy eating as it has been reported that the average British worked takes just 34 minutes for their lunch break

Getting a proper lunch break is in everyone’s best interests. A healthy meal sets up your workforce for the day. Good food is good for office morale, good for brains and therefore great for business.

We all need fresh, nutritious food for our office lunch. Think breakfasts of fruit and yoghurt pots and lunches of teriyaki salmon, BBQ chicken, Thai beef, gluten free wraps, chicken couscous, pasta salads and mixed food platters.

Grazing delivers to direct t0 businesses, whether it be for breakfast meetings, conferences or staff lunches. The food is freshly made in a state-of-the-art central London kitchen and delivered directly to the office desk with love.

Grazing’s flexible caterers have the experience and know-how to work in an office environment, so they understand the issues facing PAs and office managers, be it time, ordering processes, or broader logistics. They can offer restaurant quality food to offices who don’t have space for a restaurant but are a little too big for a man on a bicycle.

PAs and office managers are looking for an alternative solution to what has always been the norm. Food can be varied, it doesn’t have to take up too much office space and can give employees the fuel they need.