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Tips for being a better PA

The role of the personal assistant has evolved from the days of dictation and making tea. Admin skills are still a must, but modern PAs handle such a wide variety of tasks. In addition to being a great communicator and middle manager, you need to know your boss as well as he knows himself. Here are some top tips for becoming a first-class assistant.

Understand your executive?s needs The better you know your boss, the easier it will be to anticipate what he or she needs. Sit down together to discuss how you can work together more efficiently and what each of you expects out of the relationship. You can score brownie points by having everything ready for your exec each morning.

Stay organised Keeping your own workspace and schedule tidy will help you maintain productivity. What better way to stay on top of your boss?s requests than to increase your own efficiency?

Look the part PAs are the gatekeepers of their company and their bosses, meaning they?re often a client?s first point of contact. Dress professionally and in a style that?s in line with your executive?s.

Establish trust As a PA, you?re likely to handle important private or confidential information, so a sense of trust is essential. Don?t take part in office gossip or talk about sensitive topics at home.

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