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Another long week is over, the much-anticipated Euro match between England and Wales has come and gone, The Meetings Show proved to be a huge success and the PA Life team is at the AEO Excellence Awards, where PA Life Training Day is up for Best Conference. Let’s take a moment to find out what our top 10 stories of the week are.

1. The perfect colleague revealed
Social traits like optimism, empathy and trustworthiness have dominated a list of the top 10 qualities British workers desire the most in colleagues. A survey of 2,009 UK adults by the One4all Rewards Spotlight Awards, which is encouraging workers to nominate colleagues for recognition and rewards, quizzed respondents on the traits they value the most in co-workers to craft a picture of the ‘perfect colleague.’ The data revealed the ideal desk-mate would not only be good at their job, but also a confidante with a sunny disposition.

2. 5 ways to close a cover letter
Sometimes your cover letter is the only thing that gets read by potential employers, so it’s important to get it right. You want to describe your skills and how they can help the company without gloating. You also need to close it with a line that calls the recruiter to action. Glassdoor put together these five handy tips for closing a cover letter to land an interview.

3 The Hays UK Salary Recruiting Trends 2016 report
The PA and secretarial market has, for the first time since the end of the recession, seen the PA-to-Manager ratio decrease significantly, with large organisations and smaller companies introducing PAs to their business again. The increased demand for PAs has pushed salaries up, some increasing by up to 8%, with an average salary increase for Personal Assistants of 4% in 2015. Steve Heard, Director at Hays PA & Secretarial, comments.

4 Bristol EA releases how-to book for the PA community
How to be a PA is a new book for PAs, EAs and Admins now available on Amazon Europe. Written and published by UK Executive Assistant Maria Fuller, How to be a PA is the new ‘go-to guide’ for PAs and tipped to become the market-leading reference book for career-focused assistants.

5 5 times you should never share office gossip with your boss
As a PA who is here, there and everywhere in the office, you’re bound to overhear comments that should be kept secret. While spreading rumours and repeating hushed conversations is never suggested, there are five pieces of office gossip you should under no circumstances tell your boss, according to HR specialist Liz Ryan.

6 App of the week: Streaks
Welcome to our new weekly spotlight on helpful apps. We’ll focus on a variety of products that are useful for work, personal use, or both, providing our own thoughts on the apps and what you can do with them. This week’s spotlight: Streaks.

7 Employees likely to pull a sickie after Euro 2016 games
Almost three quarters (73%) of UK Human Resources (HR) Directors believe employees are likely to call in sick or make an excuse for skipping work the day after a major sporting event such as the UEFA Euro 2016, with more than a fifth (21%) considering it ‘very likely’, according to research from Robert Half UK.

8 5 things to consider when moving offices
There are occasions when your boss gives you the task of looking for new premises because the company has outgrown its existing office, the company wants to relocate for better business opportunities, or simply because the rents are too high, but where do you start? Allsop’s property expert Rachel Lockhart provides a comprehensive guide on what to consider when moving offices.

9 Millennials want the same thing as older workers
The stereotypical Millennial is seen as someone who wants the freedom to choose when and how they work while getting paid exorbitant amounts of money. But the truth is Millennials have the same expectations of work as the previous generation.

10 Get great career advice at the PA Life Training Day
PAs often get to a stage in their career when they ask “What’s next?” Editor Amelia Walker will be joined by a panel of experienced assistants and experts at next week’s PA Life Training Day to give attendees top advice on taking the next step in their career.

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