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    We’re fast approaching another bank holiday and the weather is beautiful. Could a Friday get any better? We’ve been busy her at PA Life HQ getting our next issue ready, so be sure to watch your mailbox in the next couple of weeks for your copy. Before you all rush out the door for the long weekend, here’s a look at our top 10 stories.

    1. Offices putting secretaries ‘centre stage’
    Businesses are being urged to do more to give more prominence to company secretaries after reports reveal just 15% of UK workers know who the secretary at their firm is. A new study by eShare has revealed that the role of corporate secretaries is becoming harder than ever more as the world increasingly goes digital, and as a result secretaries and personal assistants are becoming more high profile.

    2. One for the boss: Six reasons why you should invest in training
    Expanding your training programmes and encouraging development in the workplace should be a key focus of your business strategy according to reports by Love Energy Savings. Revealing that almost half of workers don’t believe their bosses offer enough learning opportunities in the workplace, here are six ways the business energy company has detailed how training can make a big impact in the office and beyond.

    3. App of the week: Recover
    With one in four people suffering from a mental health condition, Recover is looking to help us understand how we feel, what is causing it and what can be done to tackle stress, anxiety and depression. Encouraging people to take evolution into their own hands, the app wants to act as a guide to our emotions. While we are naturally programmed for fight or flight in life-threatening situations, our instincts still take over in social situations where our bodies haven’t yet caught up with the times.

    4. 7 self-care tips for PAs
    Tara Jackson, ex-PA and holistic self-care and wellbeing coach, gives us her top tips for taking care of yourself despite a busy schedule.

    5. Room Mate
    In the crowded hotel booking market, it takes something remarkable to stand out. One such company is Roomex.com, the leading corporate hotel booking service for business travel. With offices in Dublin and London, the site offers best available corporate rates at more than 550,000 hotels worldwide.

    6. Meet the Wolf of Liverpool Street
    Seasonal Italian restaurant and cocktail bar Wolf has launched their second London destination, setting its sights on working lunches with a flair. The team have opened the doors to ‘Wolf II’ in Broadmoor, near Liverpool Street, following the success of their original Wolf in Stoke Newington.

    7. Workers told to fight back against bacteria as offices become health risk
    Experts are urging workers to be more vigilant in the office as studies name workplaces among the most unhealthy daily destinations. A report by hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley explains that increased office cleanliness could reduce the number of sick days per year, as the study revealed that nearly 50% of respondents admitted to not washing their hands after going to the toilet.

    8. 9 Etiquette rules for an open-plan office
    Many businesses made the move to an open-plan office in recent years because they thought it would boost collaboration and help productivity. However, some employees find the arrangement frustrating, especially if they work better in silence while their colleagues prefer to have the radio on in the background. Writing for Entrepreneur, business etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore outlined these nine rules for an open-plan office.

    9. IAM endorses PA Life Training Day
    The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) has announced its endorsement for the upcoming PA Life Training Day. Confirming that the Training Day is of the highest possible quality, the endorsement is awarded to programmes that greatly encourage the development of skills and abilities for admin professionals.

    10. This is what a CV should look like in 2017
    New research from HR experts has revealed the ideal CV for the digital age. Conducted by Copenhagen-based design company Novorésumé, the study hopes to turn CV building into an activity rather than another job for the to-do list as they compiled a list of the most important updates to make to your CV, and what you should avoid.


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