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Top productivity hacks of British workers revealed

top productivity hacks

Fresh fruit, two cups of tea, and a mid-workday walk – the top productivity hacks of British workers revealed by Just Eat for Business. The secret formula to productivity, as voted by British workers.

Fresh fruit, two cups of tea, and a mid-workday walk are three of the best productivity hacks that British workers revealed in the latest research by Just Eat for Business. The findings also revealed that, contrary to popular belief, Thursday is their least productive day, and late Tuesday morning is the most productive time during their weeks.

Just Eat for Business, the UK’s leading office food delivery marketplace, commissioned the research to discover current hacks and challenges to productivity in the office and produced the perfect formula to productivity as a result.

Fruit + two cups of tea + mid-workday walk = top productivity

The research revealed that healthy food is a crucial factor in enabling workplace productivity. Over a quarter (26%) of the workers surveyed said that it improves their focus and energy and, above all, fresh fruit was rated as the most popular snack. Teams also found that two cups of tea or coffee was the optimum number to maintain energy throughout the day.

Many office workers also recognise the importance of sleep to their productivity at work. Thirty-seven percent believed a good night’s sleep would make them more productive, yet over half (53%) only sleep 6-7 hours before working days (adults are recommended 7-9 hours).

top productivity hacks 
Once in the office, workers revealed a range of tips that help to boost their productivity when it’s running low. Exercise, according to 13%, is one of the best ways to do this, and one in every four c-suite executives rely on walks and exercise throughout the day to maintain their productivity. A third of workers (33%) switch tasks when they want to be more productive.

Employees also placed a large value on the times that they worked throughout the week. Coming out on top was Tuesday, which 27% of workers referred to as their most productive day. Coming out on the bottom was Thursday, which workers voted as the least productive day – even lower than Friday, which is usually considered the least productive day of the week.

Within the working day, the mornings are the most productive period according to 67% of office workers. More specifically, it’s between 10am-12pm that workers find they get the most done. But this can also differ according to the size of the business; smaller businesses with up to 10 employees said that they got the most done between 8-10am, whereas large companies typically get going a little later, between 10am-12pm.

Matt Ephgrave, MD at Just Eat for Business, said: “Office workers in Britain have continued to experience instability in the workplace since the end of the pandemic about a year ago so it’s great to see the different approaches people are taking to stay motivated. It’s clear that healthy lifestyles, including nutrition and exercise, play a really important role in being productive and this is something many businesses can easily support – through lunch time perks and additional wellbeing benefits, helping everyone stay focused and energised throughout the working day.”

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