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Uniglobe Omni Travel and the travel booker bond

There are companies that book travel. Then there are companies that manage travel. There is a significant difference.

Uniglobe Omni goes to great lengths to ensure that every client receives a continuous chain of service. This means a dedicated team assigned to each company account, not a different person on the phone every time you call or mail to book a flight, hotel, or car.

Uniglobe Omni treats customers as individuals rather than commodities. It is not just promotional talk but a practical reality that is instilled in every single team member. The ethos of the firm is built on the foundation that every account, whatever shape or size, is a valuable and valued one.

The best relationships start from a transparent chat. Uniglobe Omni’s team will meet your office manager, PAs and stakeholders to ensure there is a real understanding of what is required on multiple levels.

The business model is not just to book tickets but to understand the heart and soul of your company.

If the company approach to travel bookings is more self-sufficient, then Uniglobe Omni is able to provide a highly customised and easy-to-use online booking tool for your team.

There is always a different way – your way – and Uniglobe understands and adapts to that completely.

If you need to look beyond the current travel solution and just want to reach out for a general chat first, please call 020 7702 9991 for a free consultation, visit, or email