Venues + Events Live Digital – PA Life to host session on wellbeing at work

Join PA Life for a panel session during Venues + Events Live Digital that will tackle wellness at work.

The session, Why We Should All Be Promoting Wellbeing Within The Workplace, will take place on September 24th at 3.30-4.15pm. It will be hosted by Charlotte Russell, Head of Commercial & Partnerships at PA Life, with the panel including:

  • Amy Gallagher, Executive Coach & PA Life Columnist
  • Claudine Martin, PA, Ministry of Defence
  • Louise Warren, COO, Eventwell

The session will explore why it’s important that employers take the wellbeing of their staff seriously – and will offer some tips on how to promote wellbeing within the office.

“Even before COVID-19 we knew that PAs, EAs, Event Organisers and Corporate Bookers were suffering from exhaustion and mental health issues,” said Russell. “PA Life is a strong advocate of wellness and we believe that we must continue to address this very serious issue. We’re delighted to host this session during Venues + Events Live Digital.”

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