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      Break your silence on burn-out at work

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      Women, particularly in the corporate world, are struggling to ‘have it all’. Their careers may be going from strength to strength, but burn-out is becoming more of an issue. Wellness expert Amy Gallagher shares her own personal story… I am a coach, healer and soul alchemist. I work with female executives. My work helps them […]

      Make wellness a priority in 2020

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      Join us at the PA Life Workplace Wellness & Wellbeing Summit at the PA Show… PA Life will be hosting the Workplace Wellness & Wellbeing Summit at the PA Show in February. The Summit, which takes place on February 25th & 26th at ExCeL in London, will feature two full days of educational and inspirational […]

      How to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in the workplace

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      The colder mornings are back. The summer sun — well, what we had of it — has packed its bags and left us in the dark. For many of us, the darker days and colder climate can have a huge effect on our mood. Plenty of sunshine allows us to have a healthy intake of […]

      Tips for drinking less this holiday season

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      By Tara Jackson, Holistic Wellbeing Coach for Sensitive Souls | Seasonal living advocate | Nap lover We’re coming in to a time of year known for more indulgence, when it’s easy to drink way too much and end up feeling awful all over and increasingly so as you keep topping up with every work or […]

      Tired at work? You’re not the only one

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      74% of Brits get less than eight hours of sleep a night, which is the suggested healthy amount for adults, while one in ten get four or fewer hours of sleep a night, which the NHS warns makes people more susceptible to conditions like diabetes. That’s according to a survey conducted by bed and mattress […]

      How to recognise the signs of a toxic workplace

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      The right company culture can make a huge difference to a business. Richard Holmes, Director of Wellbeing at Westfield Health, highlights what you need to avoid… The right culture can help organisations hire and retain top talent, grow and be more productive. But the wrong culture can have a negative impact on everything. Here are […]

      How to be a happy, healthy & balanced PA

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      When we think of self-care, it’s easy to relate it to regular exercise, a balanced diet and taking time out for our favourite, relaxing pastime. Doing all or some of these is fantastic but our self-care involves a whole lot more. Amy Gallagher from Tula Wellness kicks off a new series covering Wellness in Workplace… […]

      Employers ‘failing to grant leave for antenatal appointments’

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      Employers are making it difficult for women and their partners to take time out of work to attend vital midwife appointments. That’s according to a survey of 300 UK mums who have given birth in the past five years – carried out private midwifery services specialist Private Midwives and published in its UK Maternity Report. It found that […]

      Roomex eBook: How The Wellness of Executive Assistants Impacts the Bottom Line

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      Stress in the workplace is high for the majority of roles, but in particular – for personal assistants. 73% of PAs feel stressed at work on a daily basis. Since their day to day workload is heavy and ever changing, it can be difficult to build up processes. Business admin tasks come with the job – yet a […]

      Boost your digital well-being in 2019

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      For most people, the New Year’s resolution involves improving their health or fitness but should more make their digital well-being a greater focus? John Williams, head of marketing at Instant Offices, shares his thoughts. As we’ve started 2019 it’s almost impossible to live a life without the constant bombardment of digital devices surrounding us, means […]