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Venues of Excellence launches new six-month introductory offer

Venues of Excellence has leapt into 2021 with a new campaign to offer venues a six-month Introductory Membership, to gain an insight of all the benefits offered by full membership to the consortium.

It will also give independent venues a springboard to engage with the conference and event sector as the industry reopens in the coming months.

Throughout 2020, the consortium supported members with its #StrongerTogether Campaign with online forums, workshops, training and industry presentations to keep venues abreast of how the pandemic affected the hospitality industry, along with changing trends and opportunities to equip venues, ready for a strong return to business.

Now entering 2021, the consortium which won the CHS Award for Best UK Representation Company in 2020 has realised #StrivetoThrive as its leading mantra for the coming months as many member venues wait to reopen their doors for business.

To complement the campaign, Venues of Excellence has launched its new Membership Offer to offer independent venues throughout the UK with a great opportunity to join the leading consortium with a six-month Introductory Membership.

Mandy Jennings, Executive Director, commented: “There is no doubt about the devastation the pandemic has caused to the hospitality industry, but throughout, the team at Venues of Excellence have been available to support and guide venues through the myriad of changed processes and procedures to operate safely within a COVID world. We believe that there are many independent venues who would welcome networking with peers and sharing best practice around our new world of events.

This Introductory Membership campaign provides potential new member venues the opportunity to come on board with the collection, experience at first hand all the benefits they will have as full members, and to see how joining a collection such as Venues of Excellence opens so many new avenues to business. From Sales Representation to our FREE Venue Find, our Learning and Development Academy to our online Forums and Preferred Partner Programme, investing part of your marketing budget in Venues of Excellence Membership, we know can offer independent venues a support network second to none.”

Over the coming months, Venues of Excellence will be announcing additional support services to members to support the reopening of venues as the events industry starts its full recovery. The consortium has 46 members throughout the UK and look to continue to support members and introduce new venues and destinations into their portfolio throughout 2021.

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