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    We take a look at the guest speakers and seminars taking place at the PA Life Summit

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    With just two weeks to go until the PA Life Summit, we take a look at who our guest speakers are and the seminars you can get involved with.

    The PA Life Summit is one of the highlights in the PA Life calendar. Taking place at Altitude, London on September 10.


    How to get to the next level of greatness

    Jillian Haslam

    Jillian Haslam

    Accepting your start but not your end. Identifying your core strengths and using simple methods in order to fill the gaps that will ultimately lead to you creating a business, a legacy and fulfilling your purpose in life.

    • Accept your start but not the end
    • Identify your strengths and core personality traits that lead to ultimate goals in life
    • Do not try to change but instead to improve performance related to key strengths
    • Question the gaps between your strengths and your goals
    • Ask for help in order to take you from a position of strength to a position excellence
    • Find your purpose and create a path that will maintain self-worth and mental stability
    • Use your current position, skills or experience to leave a lasting legacy behind

    Presented by: Jillian Haslam, author, entrepreneur, trainer and motivational speaker, Help Yourself Associates Ltd.



    Gender intelligence: Understanding complementary styles at work

    Adam Fidler

    Adam Fidler

    You’ve heard of IQ or EQ, but now let’s talk about GQ – gender intelligence. By understanding how women and men share different, yet complementary, styles of working, we can form more successful and credible relationships at work, and be more effective as an EA or PA.

    • Appreciating how Executives and PAs or EAs approach their jobs differently.
    • Speak up with more confidence, be more credible and gain more respect.
    • Adapt your leadership style for improved performance.
    • Recognise differences, but complement your Executive by increased self-awareness.

    Presented by: Adam Fidler, principal and founder, Adam Fidler Academy


    Using the power of live theatre to build teams within organisations

    Gerry Nwimo

    Gerry Nwimo

    Delegates shall see live theatre sketches themed about a workplace issue and presented by experienced actors. This fun interactive session shall highlight the power of theatre to benefit the workplace; be this as a staff teambuilding exercise or means to entertain clients in a memorable way.

    • Memorable team-building workshops featuring experienced actors
    • Live theatre based packages-‘ice breakers’, well known entertainers, corporate hospitality
    • Interactive workshops, direct a theatre sketch, The Hollywood package.
    • Entertain, educate or engage through drama.

    Presented by: Gerry Nwimo, client development manager, Take the Mike Events

    Suppliers and those looking to sponsor the event should get in touch with Charlotte Russell on 01992 374080 or charlotte.russell@palife.co.uk.

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