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What’s the perfect shade of tea?

Sorry coffee lovers, this one’s for the tea drinkers

Despite the nation slowly becoming a place for coffee aficionados, obsessed with the different variants on roasted beans in a mug, there’s still a need for the art of making a proper brew. Although the country as a whole may be turning to java, PAs are still opting for a good cuppa when it comes to their tea break, but how exactly do you take your tea?


tea picture

Northern Irish tea drinkers like their brew the strongest and darkest, while those in Scotland and the North East of England are most likely to appreciate a milkier mug, according to a study that also found that the South East are the most likely to leave their teabag in the longest. The average time a teabag spends sitting in a mug is around 57 seconds.

We all have a friend, colleague or family that likes their tea far too strong or milky white, but where is the perfect middle-ground? According to Arla B.O.B Milk, which commissioned the study, the image above is the most popular shade of tea. The team here at PA Life are unconvinced what the perfect shade is, but let us know your own opinions on the perfect tea on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.