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The Eastside Rooms: When an event becomes an experience

By The Eastside Rooms

There is a lot of talk out there about value right now. Rightly so, despite the euphoria of our industry’s return to form, and the increase in businesses investing in events, there is also a great deal of concern around what the future may bring.

The cost-of-living crisis and the potential of recession is all putting added pressure onto any kind of business investment; and events are no different. Right now, everyone needs to be looking really hard at the value they offer.

For us at The Eastside Rooms, this is about going back to basics and making sure that we play our part in what makes events special. We believe this is the experience created around them.

Our clients are exceptional at content. They create smart objectives, themes, and creative platforms that allow the messages they want to send, to the people that attend their events, to resonate powerfully.

We believe, that It’s our job as a venue to help accentuate that experience in any way we can, using our own armoury of support services, be it facilities or people. Simple ideas can be built around food, thinking more creatively about serving suggestions as well as what goes on the plate. If we’re hosting a product launch for a new car, ideal for country living, why not serve food on hay bales, using BBQs and Smokeries, canapes served on reclaimed wood, or even hub caps.

Add that to menus that carry a modern-day conscience. Locally sourced produce, plant-first options, and inclusive dining for every delegate to feel welcome. Food is a conversation starter; it can reflect positively on the brand if it is used to promote inclusivity and ethical, sustainable behaviour.

At The Eastside Rooms we can also use our digital signage and communal areas to bring corporate logos and branding to life, theming the event to add more depth. Be it through flower arrangements or even dropping massive set pieces into the middle of an event. We recently created the inside of a full blown aeroplane in the middle of our main theatre and it looked stunning, but it also supported the organiser’s own objectives and creative strategy.

On top of these creative solutions, we also know that people play a massive part in the experience. And it’s not just about having courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly people on site. They need to become an extension of the businesses brand, they need to understand the customer’s values and reflect them. For us in the venue, this is a challenge we’re asking our amazing team to consider, and we’re bringing them closer to every booking to allow them to do so.

It’s when these different elements, and many more, are put together that we create the alchemy that turns an event into an experience. As we all know, an event is a date in time, it’s what happens on the day. The experience is what is remembered, what creates emotion and connection between the brand and the audience.

It’s the experience that adds the value that businesses need right now.