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Which city will your next job be in?

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Some people love the stability of staying in a job long-term whilst others enjoy the opportunity to travel and move around trying to market themselves to get the best job possible. For a lot of people, the same is true of trying to find a job. When we search for a job, we often just expect the place we live in, to be the right place to find the perfect opportunity. However, the world has become a much smaller place with the advantages of modern technology and globalisation, which means that travelling rarely feels too different from being at home. But where are the best cities to get job in 2018?

A recent study by Movinga has ranked 100 cities around the globe for employment opportunities based on economic strength, living standards and inclusion of women, youth and expats.

As the first instalment of a series of research projects looking at cities of opportunity, this initial dataset focuses on the topic of employment, with career advancement one of the main reasons for relocation. In addition to helping those curious about new career opportunities to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the best employment hubs around the globe.

Finn Age Hänsel, managing director at Movinga, said: “London has long been considered a thriving job market, attracting workers from all over the world. However, although this study ranks the capital highly for employment opportunities, the huge uncertainty surrounding Brexit will very likely affect the UK’s labour market.

“While London is sure to always be an important and prosperous global city, there are implications to be considered. Expats are increasingly unsure of their status, corporations are threatening to leave the capital and skilled millennials who are disappointed with the current government are seeking more opportunities abroad. Those looking to move to the UK ought to keep a keen eye on the upcoming Brexit negotiations, while Brits looking to leave might find this study a helpful relocation springboard.”

London City figures

Those looking to stay in the UK have nine cities to choose from that all make the top 50 on the global list from London to Leeds, the list breaks down scores for important economic and social work life questions such as: Total employment, Woman’s opportunity for advancement and disposable income.

UK City Figures

Singapore has the highest total economic strength score, in addition to the highest government effectiveness score. Dubai has the highest levels of employment and is revealed to be the best location for expats and young people due to their immigration intake and expat employment rate, as well as high youth employment and a growing number of new startups. However, gender may play a part in a jobseekers success, as Dubai offers the worst overall opportunities for women, with the worst gender wage gap, and the lowest women’s liberty and legislation score.

Hong Kong has the highest GDP Growth, but also the highest cost of living. Berlin has the highest levels of new business registrations. Boston has the highest standard of living score and the highest disposable income levels.

Krakow and Warsaw have the highest rate of employment for expats, although it is worth noting that these cities have very low comparative immigration rates. Prague has the highest level of youth employment while London has the highest level of new startups.

Norway offers the best opportunities for women, however, the gender wage gap is lowest in Slovenia. Women’s liberty and legalisation is best in Belgium, while women’s opportunity for advancement is best in Finland.

International City Figures

Beatriz Domingo, head of communications at Movinga, said: “We included Women’s Opportunity for Advancement in this study because we believe it is a key element of gender equality both in and outside the workplace. Additionally, it is the one topic that relies more on corporate commitment to make real changes, rather than economic strength or legislation.

“Since 2017, Movinga has been looking into the topic with high sensibility and has been promoting discussions and initiatives for female empowerment. We can see the effects of it first-hand as the percentage of women in leadership positions has increased over 40% from 2017 to 2018.”

Woman City Figures