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      Lockdown sees biggest fall in working hours since 1971

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      Early indicators for June 2020 suggest that the number of employees in the UK on payrolls is down around 650,000 compared with March 2020, according to data released by the ONS. The largest falls were seen at the start of the pandemic and while the number of payroll employees is still falling the decline is […]

      63% of HR pros say gap year helps applicants stand out

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      Reports from the Department of Education reveal that 88% of students who took a gap year believe it made them more employable, while a survey by YouGov also found that 63% of HR professionals believed a constructive gap year can make a job application stand out. Reports collated by Fresh Student Living looks into the facts behind […]

      Millennials: ‘Most challenging to work with’

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      Over half of Millennials reported that poor company culture was a source of disappointment in a new job. Millennials have been dubbed the most ‘impatient generation’ in the workplace, with over 90 per cent wanting ‘rapid career progression.’ Almost 70 per cent of employers believe that this level of ambition and desire is the leading […]

      Which city will your next job be in?

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      Some people love the stability of staying in a job long-term whilst others enjoy the opportunity to travel and move around trying to market themselves to get the best job possible. For a lot of people, the same is true of trying to find a job. When we search for a job, we often just […]

      Opinion: Raising the status of the European PA

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      With Brexit upon us, is it time for administrative and support staff to look further afield than the UK for their next role? David Morel, chief executive officer of Tiger Recruitment, tells HR Magazine why there needs to be a change in mindset towards support staff, along with an emphasis on educating people about the career opportunities available within the industry. […]

      Dyslexia at work: The challenges and solutions

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      Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) such as Dyslexia and Dyscalculia are not uncommon among adults, including those within the PA world. Jade Burke speaks to some industry members and PA Life readers with and without an SpLD to gauge their thoughts on how the workplace should adapt to support anyone affected. Do you have dyslexia or […]

      A quarter of employment growth since 2012 comes from zero hour contracts

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      UK workers on zero-hour contracts have more than tripled since 2012, climbing from 252,000 to 901,000 workers. The number of UK workers on zero-hour contracts has more than tripled since 2012, propping up overall employment levels by accounting for almost a quarter of overall employment growth, according to new data by job search engine Adzuna.co.uk. […]

      Recruiters say ‘Achieving Diversity Targets’ is their biggest challenge

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      Last year, the number of graduates hired by organisations featured in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers fell by 4.9% – the first drop in graduate recruitment for five years and the biggest annual fall recorded since 2009. so far in 2018, the outlook is cautiously optimistic, with graduate recruitment among the country’s top employers […]

      Employers now favour apprenticeships or experience over university degrees

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      Employers now favour relevant apprenticeships or experience over university degrees, a study has found. Researchers who polled 1,000 decision makers found 49 per cent prefer to see experience from a relevant apprenticeship or previous position on a candidate’s CV. Just 24 per cent said they would be more likely to take on someone who had […]

      Costs, stress and quality of life forcing workers away from London – Study

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      New research by Grant Thornton suggests London is set to lose significant portions of its most economically productive demographic, while young people from across the country are being dissuaded from coming to the capital by pressing issues such as the high-stress environment, lack of work-life balance and high housing costs. The study – published in a […]