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Why do celebs have affairs with employees?

Celebrities having affairs with their nannies, bodyguards, personal assistants – it’s nothing new. Since the beginning of cinema, celebrities have been having affairs and ending their marriages in the process for decades.

Recently, Ben Affleck’s ‘stronger-than-strong’ marriage to Jennifer Garner broke down due to allegations of the former’s indiscretions with the family nanny. Jude Law, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gwen Stefani and even the late Robin Williams all saw relationships end for similar reasons.

So, considering all the heartache, drawn out legal issues and unwanted publicity, why do celebrities end up cheating on their spouses with their employees? Ego and narcissism is partly to blame, say psychologist Meredith Fuller.

Fuller tells Australia’s Herald Sun: “Celebrities have a huge need to have the attention focused on them and underneath their suave exterior, many of them are anxious and needy. They need regular reassurance that they are fabulous.”

But it is the inherently flawed human side that causes celebrities to find comfort in the arms of another, so says Sean Redmond – editor of Celebrity Studies and associate professor at Deakin University.

“Celebrities appear iconic, quasi-religious figures but they’re human beings with issues of trust, betrayal, desire and longing like everyone else,” he says. “When people are allowed behind the veil of celebrity they are brought into a private world. They’re trusted and in trust there is intimacy… from that, relationships can emerge.”

Redmond adds that the Affleck and Stefani marriages will not be the last casualties of this type of infidelity. “It’s not a new phenomenon and there will certainly be more cases of celebrities having affairs with the hired help.”

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