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      Why Roomex?

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      Roomex is the business hotel booking platform for your traveling workforce, wherever the job takes them. It provides PAs with a fast and simple online hotel booking, management and payment solution. 

      And unlike corporate travel agents or travel management companies, it’s completely free. There are no fees – and no contract requirement.

      One single monthly invoice

      Your bill is paid along the way, and you are invoiced one simple, easy-to-understand monthly statement. So, you don’t have to trawl through a morass of credit card statements and chase down errant executives for that lost receipt that’s currently residing in a wastepaper basket in a hotel somewhere. 

      1.2 million reasons why 

      Roomex provides one view of all bookings – with real-time reporting and instant visibility to all approved employees.  So, your workers have less chance of sleeping next to a roomful of beer-swilling lads on a stag party in Leeds when they need a good night’s sleep for that important meeting in the morning. Roomex also provides better hotel choice – for better rates, which are not available on public websites.

      It is the #1 business travel booking platform with the best choice of business hotels globally – currently numbering over 1.2 million and rising. While Roomex prides itself on integrated automation, there is also a self-booking tool, to enable booking or cancelling anytime 24/7, even at the last minute. Live reporting is a must-have in today’s management toolbox, along with metrics to measure the savings on every booking.

      Booking through consumer sites also doesn’t provide the level of service, visibility and reporting needed by business travellers.

      For more information:-

      Phone: +44 20 7183 7737

      Email: tryus@roomex.com

      Website: www.roomex.com