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Women more likely to work into their 70s than men

Older workers are more productive than Millennials

Women are more likely to continue working in their 70s than men, according to research by Nationwide.

A study of 2,000 Brits in their 70s revealed that more than a fifth of women do part-time or occasional work, while another fifth work full time. That means more than four in 10 women in the age group have a job, compared to about a third of men.

While men are more likely to hold full-time employment in their 70s, (23%) they’re also more prone to completely leave work when they retire. Only one in seven takes on a part-time role.

The research reveals that women are increasingly likely to return to work after retirement because they enjoy the social side of a job, rather than for financial reasons. One woman retired as a PA but returned to work two years later. Nationwide’s own Jo Bankes still holds a full-time position at the company at the age of 73, according to an article from The Daily Mail.

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