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The feel-good-factor at corporate events


Event organisers are increasingly looking to design corporate gatherings with wellbeing in
mind – and Center Parcs has some great advice on how to prioritise the feel-good factor at corporate events…

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced work landscape, the boundaries between professional and personal life have become increasingly blurred.  This has resulted in burnouts and stress becoming all too common. Therefore, prioritising employee wellbeing has become a major focus for employers everywhere.

Practice what you preach

One way to help maintain a happy and healthy workforce is by designing corporate events that place wellbeing front and centre – and what better environment for hardworking teams to relax and recharge together than at Center Parcs? Whether it’s a team building retreat, a conference or a company-wide celebration, events in the forest provide a unique opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing and help employees to feel cared for and valued. When it comes to wellbeing, it’s really important for companies to practice what they preach. These days, it’s all too common for employers to talk about wellbeing at work, sending out the odd company newsletter or launching an eLearning module on the subject – but actions speak louder than words.


Prioritise the feel-good factor at your corporate events

For example, when planning a corporate event, organisers should think carefully about the wellbeing of event attendees. As well as regular coffee and comfort breaks during the day, here at Center Parcs we actively encourage event planners to include some time spent outdoors for people to get some fresh air and stretch their legs, as well as downtime for them to relax and socialise together. Jam-packed all-day event schedules filled with presentations, guest speakers and seminars require people to concentrate for longer periods of time than is generally recommended – include regular breaks, and you’ll find that people are more likely to actually remember those key takeaway messages.

Offer options for personalised experiences

Many event planners take things even further. These days, we’re seeing increased interest in mindfulness and relaxation activities such as meditation, yoga or spa sessions, or outdoor leisure activities such as hiking or forest bathing. Try to offer a variety of options to appeal to different people, plan some activities that the whole team can join in (such as a gentle stroll or a picnic) and, crucially, give people the option to opt-out if they wish. Not everyone will be comfortable trying yoga, and that’s okay!

Your event provides a valuable opportunity to help hard-working teams feel refreshed, revitalised and rewarded, and a well-planned, wellbeing-focused event can help to generate positive feelings towards the company – so why not put it at the top of the agenda?


Aqua Sana Spa at Center Parcs is available for exclusive hire

Did you know you can book exclusive hire of Aqua Sana as part of your corporate events package? Book a Twilight Spa session so delegates can enjoy private access to the spa between 5:30pm – 9pm, exploring 25 immersive spa experiences inspired by the natural world. This package also includes two wellbeing sessions, a Mediterranean platter and a glass of prosecco.