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      Coronavirus: MIA issues best practice guidance for meetings & events

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      The Meetings Industry Association (mia) is calling for fairness and solidarity across the industry to help mitigate the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 on trade.  Nearly three-quarters of the mia member venues have had events cancelled as a result of fears of Coronavirus COVID-19 and it says there are serious concerns about the future of the industry should […]

      Coronavirus: How businesses can prepare

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      Coronavirus is here, the WHO has now declared it a global pandemic and countries including the UK are on various stages of lockdown. Business owners must continue to monitor the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on their employees, facilities and supply chains as decisions may need to be made quickly to take account of what […]

      Presenteeism ‘inadvisable for businesses during coronavirus outbreak’

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      We asked Hira Ali, author of Her Way To The Top: A Guide To Smashing The Glass Ceiling, to explain more about presenteeism amidst the coronavirus outbreak… Why do some people suffer from presenteeism more than others? Being absent or working from home is traditionally associated with laziness. There is also a long standing office […]

      General Election 2019: What do employers need to know?

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      By Paul Holcroft, Associate Director at HR consultancy, Croner 2019 is shaping up to be another eventful year in the world of politics, with the country heading to the polls on 12th December. The reaction to this announcement has already made political discussions in the workplace near inescapable. While it is natural for employees to discuss […]

      8 signs you’re mentally prepared for promotion

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      Do you spend your commutes dreaming of the corner office? Do you take the stairs rattling off a list of your key skills and qualities? No matter where you work, at some point or another, nearly all of us want to progress in our careers.   It can be easy to know if you’re ready from […]

      Roomex eBook: How The Wellness of Executive Assistants Impacts the Bottom Line

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      Stress in the workplace is high for the majority of roles, but in particular – for personal assistants. 73% of PAs feel stressed at work on a daily basis. Since their day to day workload is heavy and ever changing, it can be difficult to build up processes. Business admin tasks come with the job – yet a […]

      Here’s how to become a professional transcriber and work from home

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      According to a 2018 study, remote work will become one of the major business trends in 2019, and it is expected to become the standard mode of working for Generation Z, who are tipped to make up 36 per centof the global workforce by 2020.  Remote working has been a rising trend and demand is felt […]

      How to prepare your travellers for Brexit

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      As we approach the impending withdrawal from the EU, many travellers are still in the dark about how Brexit will impact the way we travel. With that in mind, Peter Snowdon, head of global account management at TAG, shares his insights on how travellers can best deal with the changes. Although a lot of uncertainty […]

      Best etiquette hacks for business travellers

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      Our jobs can see us travel around the world to meet with clients and colleagues, from the USA and Japan to places in Europe – business can take us anywhere. As such, Irma Hunkeler from digital marketing agency, Re:signal, shares a selection of etiquette tips travellers need to know. When you are on a business […]

      How to ensure your hotel guests are safe

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      Staying overnight in another location can be unnerving if you are by yourself and in an unfamiliar place, so what can hotels do to ensure their guests feel safe? Jamie Roberts, copywriter at Mediaworks, shares his thoughts from the benefits of enhanced CCTV and why hotels need a clear response plan. There are many factors […]