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Looking for a new job? How to message a recruiter on LinkedIn

Following the impact of Covid-19 on the economy, we have seen widespread business closures, pay cuts, reduced hours, and redundancies, resulting in many workers looking for a new venture.

Today, LinkedIn is one of the go-to platforms for budding job hunters searching for a new role, therefore the competition is high. To help those looking to enter a new career field, online educational platform, Preply has provided tips on the things to consider when messaging a recruiter on LinkedIn.

Do your research
Whether you’re planning to message a recruiter about a job role you have spotted, or if you want to ask whether they currently have any positions available, it’s important to do your research before making contact. Not only will this help you stand out should the recruiter be interested and ask for a chat, however, employers always take notice of candidates who showcase they’re prepared and have put in the time to learn.

Check your subscription
If you have the free version of LinkedIn, you can only message people you are already connected to, or connections of your connections. Therefore, if you’re hoping to message someone outside of your network, you’ll have to connect with them in the first instance. However, if you’re new to the platform, you might be eligible for a month’s free Premium trial, which may be enough time to make the contacts you need.

Message the most relevant person
If the company you are interested in lists many employees on LinkedIn, it can be hard to tell who makes hiring decisions — after all, ‘recruiters’ often go by various job titles.

If you want to message a hiring manager about a job advert, check to see if there is any information about who posted the advert in the body of the text and contact them. If your query is more general or you cannot find a name in the advertisement, then search the company’s employee list on LinkedIn for any of the following roles:

  • Head of Talent
  • Recruiter
  • Director of People & Talent
  • Human Resources / HR Manager
  • Hiring Manager
  • Recruitment Manager

Another option is to consider reaching out to an independent recruiter, which is someone who finds candidates for multiple businesses in an industry and location. Independent recruiters are extremely helpful and will guide you through the entire job searching process.

Consider the length of your initial message
With LinkedIn InMail you are allowed 200 characters in the subject line and 1,900 characters in the body. When contacting a recruiter, your message should be short and to the point. There is no need to introduce yourself at length. If the recruiter is interested in hiring you, they will click through to your profile for a clear list of your achievements. Make sure your message is also personalised to the business you are emailing and highlight your interest and what you can bring to the table.

Also consider your subject line
Your subject line should be professional and clearly outline what you are messaging about. Here are a few examples to try:

If you are messaging about a job advertisement:

  • Regarding the position of [insert role you are applying for]
  • Query about [insert name of the business you are messaging] [insert role you are applying for]
  • Query from a prospective applicant: [insert role you are applying for]

If you are messaging an independent recruiter to ask for help in your job search:

  • Enquiry from a [insert your current role] seeking new opportunities:
  • [insert your current role] for hire

If you are messaging a hiring manager to ask if any positions might open at their company soon:

  • Speculative application: [insert role you are applying for]
  • [insert your current role] for hire
  • [insert role you are applying for] opportunities at [insert name of the business]

Kirill Bigai, CEO at Preply, offered: “The job market is more competitive than ever. This is partly why we see so many professions turning to Preply; to learn or improve a language and get the edge over other applicants.

“When recruiters are inundated with enquiries from candidates about current and future roles, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Keep your message professional and insightful so you make a great first impression. If you are struggling to get a response, then it may be time to contact an independent recruiter who sits outside the business and can help you find roles that match your profile.”