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    Reserve your free place at the next PA Life Masterclass

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    With just under two weeks to go until the next PA Life Masterclass, now is your chance to reserve your free space to attend the upcoming event. Taking place on October 17 at JJ Media’s Perseverance Works, the day will focus on rewards and incentives, with a number of roundtables and speaker sessions to provide […]

    Employers urged to bridge the skill gap for young employees

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    Employers must do more to stop young people missing out on work opportunities due to not having the right skills, Business in the Community (BITC) has said. BITC has found that many people who have been in employment did not learn skills at school that they feel would have been useful in their working lives. Top […]

    Top tips for introvert PAs to get noticed in the office

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    Within any office there always seem to be those that progress up the company ladder much quicker than the rest, if you’re introvert and a PA we hope that with our help, you’ll progress up the ladder. Vincenzo Ferrara looks at the top tips for introvert PAs to get noticed in the office. We get […]

    Sending the kids back to school, how to work through the stress

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    It is the start of September again, the time of the year most parents dread (or celebrate if you’ve been off with them for the entirety of the summer holidays). Your sweet little bundle of joy is now in their uniform and ready to start a new term of school.   Of course, after hours […]

    4 tips for choosing the perfect corporate gift

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    Steve King is director at the gifting specialists Bottled & Boxed. Here, he gives his top tips for ensuring you pick the perfect corporate gift each and every time. As a personal or executive assistant, you won’t be phased by the daily to-do lists and busy days. However, when the time comes to pick a […]

    10 priceless nuggets of wisdom from experienced PAs

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    10 Nuggets of wisdom from experienced PA’s for anyone starting out in the industry. We asked you, the PA Life audience on social media to share your experiences for advice that you would give to a new PA starting out. The number of people that responded, ended up being a lot more than we could have […]

    How to recover after a job loss

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    In an unsteady job market, losing your job is unfortunately a common hurdle many people have to face at some point in their careers. From tips on how to spruce up your CV to self-care, Gideon Schulman, CEO at Pytronot, HR specialists, talks us through some of his top tips on how to bounce back […]

    7 different ways for employers to make their work place safe and pollen-free

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    After discovering yesterday that four in ten Brits struggle to do their job when suffering from hay fever, Dr Daniel Fenton, medical director of London Doctors Clinic, shares his tips employers can make to help allergy sufferers at work While we all long for those beautiful long summer days and the smell of freshly cut […]

    Just 3% of employers are helping staff understand the new Lifetime/ Annual Allowance

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    With the end of the tax year approaching and the reduction to the Annual and Lifetime Allowances (AA/LTA) to be implemented from 6 April, just 3% of employers are offering specific support for staff impacted by the change, according to the latest research from Close Brothers Asset Management. In the Budget in March last year, […]