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      10 priceless nuggets of wisdom from experienced PAs

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      10 Nuggets of wisdom from experienced PA’s for anyone starting out in the industry.

      We asked you, the PA Life audience on social media to share your experiences for advice that you would give to a new PA starting out. The number of people that responded, ended up being a lot more than we could have imagined. We have worked our hardest to sieve through the responses to pick out just ten of our favourite. From the mini-mantras to the brilliant bursts of knowledge. Everyone has had to start out somewhere and we just want you to know, that we’ve all been there at some point.

      Dream big

      We used the power of social media to compile this information, from the experienced to the relatively new beginner. We wanted you to be honest and helpful and you didn’t disappoint. As a new PA, life can seem daunting and confusing. You suddenly need to be hyper-organised and your levels of responsibility suddenly increase overnight. You can be left feeling all alone. We hope these 10 quotes help you relax and give you that confidence to progress.

      A smile goes along way
      “A smile goes along way, and a positive can do attitude is a must. Stay calm when all around you are flapping and soak everything up like a sponge. Finally don’t be afraid to ask and acquaint yourself with all those around you as you never know when they may be able to help.” Caroline Luker

      Become indispensable
      “Show an interest in everything so that you become indispensable” Terri Casey

      Find your voice and use it
      “Be confident and speak up, your voice is valued” Clelia Allen

      You are always learning
      “You will always be learning so don’t worry that you don’t know everything today” Cassie Steel

      Most importantly
      “Know your worth” Tina Mitchell

      It’s okay that things change
      “Everyday is a school day, remain focussed and be ready for any of those sneaky little diary changes that appear at the last minute” Sally Nicholson

      Don’t underestimate yourself
      “Remember, you are the most important person your manager speaks to” Heather Baker

      Embrace new challenges
      “Don’t think its going to be an easy job, embrace a challenge when given the opportunity and always try to stay one step ahead” Katrina Carney

      Rome wasn’t built in a day
      “You will never be able to do everything in one day” Kelly Watson

      The worst thing is to over commit and under deliver
      “Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ – people will respect you for setting boundaries and being aware of your capacity to take on extra work/projects. The worst thing is to over commit and under deliver” Rachael Lomax

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