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Alexandra Soame

What will you miss post-lockdown?

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Exercising before work, not having to rush and tucking into a leisurely breakfast are among the things Brits will miss the most when their morning routines return to normal. A study of 2,000 adults found four in 10 feel the pandemic and the lockdowns have given them more time in the mornings. As a result, […]

JUNE 21ST EVENTS REBOOT: Exclusive Collection and KDM champion outdoor teambuilding post Covid-19

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After a challenging 12 months, with much of business life lived through a lens as teams work remotely, corporates are looking for a fast-track way to reboot company culture and boost team morale, whilst recognising the importance of re-committing to workforce wellbeing. With this growing need to create opportunities for social interaction and support, Exclusive […]

Vanity Van’s Alexandra Soame shares her tips for wellness in the workplace

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Alexandra Soame, also known as The Energy DJ and the brains behind beauty experience business Vanity Van, offers her insights into the seven pillars of experiential wellness and how you can use these in the workplace to increase the health and wellbeing of your teams. Personal grooming can have a huge effect on your sense […]