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    Vanity Van’s Alexandra Soame shares her tips for wellness in the workplace

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    Alexandra Soame, also known as The Energy DJ and the brains behind beauty experience business Vanity Van, offers her insights into the seven pillars of experiential wellness and how you can use these in the workplace to increase the health and wellbeing of your teams.

    Personal grooming can have a huge effect on your sense of wellbeing. Beautifying treatments have an impact on your confidence and when we look our best and feel good about ourselves we tend to connect with others more.

    Connecting with oneself is also imperative. Classes such as yoga help to connect with the body and through meditation we can connect with awareness. Both have a profound effect on our state of mind and our ability to be present in the moment, which is the key to happiness.

    Our bodies also need to unwind; holistic treatments such as massage and facials help to disconnect from the outside world, relax our bodies helping us to switch off our fight and flight response and calm our nervous system.

    Try to break a sweat every day, movement is one of the core principles to health. Whether it be walking, dancing, working out or simply taking the stairs, the more steps we take a day the more we oxygenate our blood.

    Creativity and play are fundamental to leading a happy fulfilled life. Reward them with fun activities and workshops that help them to find their inner child and create laughter in the workplace – happiness creates productivity.

    There is more to illness than meets the eye. Healing in the form of reiki, kinesiology and reflexology can shift blocks that can help our energy flow freely and release stored pain, paradigms and negative attachments, which if left untreated can ultimately make us sick.

    Finally, if we are not growing we are dying. Inspire teams through learning experiences and connection to fresh exciting content, speakers and classes.

    Get in touch with Vanity Van at vanityvan.co.uk or email bookings@vanityvan.co.uk.

    Plus, follow @theenergydj (same for all social media channels) for daily wellness inspiration.

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