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    Taking back to work anxiety off the menu in hospitality

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    There’s plenty of information out there at the moment about looking after our mental health in lockdown and trying to maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle, but what about after lockdown? Back to work anxiety was bad enough for some of us on Sunday nights after a weekend of leisure time and lie ins. But […]

    5 things businesses must do to safeguard employees as they return to the office

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    As businesses prepare to return to working in large scale offices and face-to-face meetings they need to fully consider the health and safety of their workforce. It is more important than ever to have a responsible testing procedure in place to predict and respond immediately to the changing landscape. Simon Checkley, CEO of The Regenerative […]

    Helping you get back to business premises – What you need to know about reopening the workplace

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    By MBM Omega Returning to the workplace and employee safety in all sectors is one of the most talked about subjects currently. The government are encouraging those to return to offices with new Covid-19 restrictions in place. How can you make sure your staff are returning to a safe environment? It is essential to introduce […]

    The new workplace normal: Setting up safe, healthy office and remote work spaces

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    By Kleopatra Kivrakidou, Channel Marketing Manager EMEA at Ergotron Many businesses have been cautious in their return-to-work approach. A survey undertaken earlier in July by The British Chambers of Commerce found that up to 62% of employers expect part or all of their staff to continue working remotely for at least the next 12 months. […]

    Heading back to the office? You’ll need your slippers…

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    After months of getting used to the loungewear life, Brits are bracing themselves for a corporate culture shock – as a return to the office looms. Say hello to the earlier starts, the kettle more than just a few feet away and having to actually dress to impress… Footwear retailer, Shoe Zone, has put together […]

    To re-open or not to re-open the office: That’s the question

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    By Ragu Veeraraghavan, VP Workforce Analytics at SplashBI The typical office workforce and environment was very different at the start of this year. Just like retailers, employees were encouraged by the Government to work from home as much as possible. Before the current crisis, 3.4% of the U.S population worked from home and the number […]

    Employers warned to ensure workforce is ready for a new wave of disruption

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    Businesses must prepare for a second wave of disruption and distancing as Covid-19 rates are predicted to rise. That’s according to online assessment provider Questionmark, which says that while many employers successfully moved to home working quickly earlier in the year, both customers and employees will expect less disruption in the event of a second wave. […]

    Masterclass in Preparedness – Getting ready to return to work after COVID

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    With lockdown easing up and the prospect of returning to work causing many to feel anxious — due to spending the last three months being told to stay at home, respect social distancing and losing touch with a work routine — it’s vital for workplaces to evaluate the best ways to re-introduce staff successfully and […]

    Duty of care in critical communications – 5 top tips on returning to the office

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    As we look towards transitioning from the abrupt shift to social distancing and remote work back to the familiarity of our offices and communal spaces, it will be important to have the structures in place to successfully negotiate the complexities of diverse and evolving guidelines from hundreds of regional authorities. It will also require a […]

    How To: Prepare your business for post-lockdown 

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    With businesses across the hospitality and leisure industry preparing for the ‘new normal’, drastic changes have needed to be implemented in order to ensure both staff and customers are kept safe and risk is minimised.  In order to help business prepare for returning to work post-lockdown, Brighouse-based self-storage providers My Secure has created a helpful […]