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    Helping you get back to business premises – What you need to know about reopening the workplace

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    By MBM Omega

    Returning to the workplace and employee safety in all sectors is one of the most talked about subjects currently. The government are encouraging those to return to offices with new Covid-19 restrictions in place. How can you make sure your staff are returning to a safe environment?

    It is essential to introduce comprehensive hygiene measures before staff return. Offering a hygiene pack with contents such as hand gel, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes and hand cream gives confidence as does relevant signage around the building with sanitisation stations nearby.

    Anti-viral desk screens provide a physical barrier to help staff feel safe and using tape or vinyl stickers to ensure social distancing is maintained around high traffic areas.

    Customer facing colleagues may need PPE such as protective gloves, masks and hand gel as well as being trained on the new greeting etiquettes and restrictions.

    Some workers may be nervous about returning to the workplace, while others will be raring to get back! Employers need to be sensitive to all parties giving confidence and sharing best practice. Other businesses have indicated they will stagger the start and leave times to avoid overcrowding at peak periods. For guidance on COVID-19 risk assessments or advice on what measures to put in place, visit MBM Omega’s comprehensive range online or call 020 8899 1100.

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