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Opinion: Why PAs & EAs should aim to be ambassadors for their colleagues

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By Kate Warburton, EA to the CEO at Truphone With all of the responsibilities that Executives/Managers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, it is often easy for them to not recognise, or merely just not have the time to think about ideas/issues that may seem obvious to you and/or your colleagues. Some Senior […]

How not to be a horrible boss

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Believe it or not, most bosses don’t want to come across negatively to their staff, however being the boss means that you end up coming across as a bit of scrooge office figure. Alex Moyle, author of ‘Business development culture – taking sales culture beyond the sales team’, offers some help and advice about how […]

5 effective ways to improve your team’s communication

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In a world that’s more connected than ever before, you’d think we’d be pretty good at communication by now. Sadly, that’s not the case. Poor communication is the biggest reason why UK employees want to leave their jobs, with many people feeling they aren’t given clear objectives or having their voices heard. Poor communication can […]

Facebook at Work set to launch in London

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Rumour has it Facebook will officially launch its newest platform, Facebook at Work, at an event in London on 10 October. TechCrunch reports that an invitation confirms this date, which marks the first time Facebook has launched a product outside of the US. The new business version of the popular social media site was developed […]

How to tell if your colleagues or clients are deceiving you – digitally

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The average person is lied to an astounding 105 times per day. Many of these are innocuous lies – of the “I like your shirt” or “that airplane meal was good” variety. But as a business executive, some lies people tell you can lead to bad decisions, lost profits, or worse, according to Jennifer Jordan […]

How to stop wasting time on the phone

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Email has come out on top in recent years as the ultimate productivity tool when it comes to business communication. Marketing Strategist Dorie Clark points out that the average phone call takes 30 minutes, while an email takes five to 10 minutes to draft. Here, Clark presents her top tips for maintaining productivity when phone […]