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      Why can’t you find a job?

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      It’s the question nobody wants to hear, but what’s stopping you from landing a new job? You’ve got the qualifications, you know what to say and you know how to look, yet you’re still being beaten to positions by someone else. Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy, and the specialists at CV Library have […]

      How PAs need to embrace change – Live from the Academic Venue Showcase

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      The role of PAs has evolved and changed as much as the industries they work within over the past 10 years. Innovations in technology, changes in expectations and an increased desire to have access to information on-demand has meant that what is expected of PAs, EAs and VAs has shifted. Discussing how to lean into […]

      How to prove yourself in your new job

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      Starting a new job comes with a lot of excitement but just as much pressure. New environment, new people, new responsibilities. They’re confident enough in you to give you a shot so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, but that won’t stop your mind trying to think of ways to impress. Well, don’t over-analyse it […]

      Taking the drama out of delegate management

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      Robin Carlisle, director of results-driven H2O data platform, explains how to take the headache out of delegate management from initial guest invites to post-event ROI analysis. Have you found yourself getting lost in a mass of spreadsheets with delegate contact details, missing the boat on sending out ‘See You There’ emails before the event you […]

      Office managers reveal employers not supporting their career development

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      A survey of office management professionals has revealed a lack of focus on professional development in their career, and one in three (29%) say that it’s due to not being encouraged by their employer. Other factors include budget restraints (41%) and time constraints (31%), as well as there being no formal processes in place for […]

      Are younger generations losing vital skills?

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      With younger workers have grown up in a very different world to that of their seniors, and bosses are concerned that differences in culture mean that businesses are missing out on valuable personal skills. New research by ipostparcels has revealed that handwriting and physical forms of communication are becoming a dying art as more across […]

      Businesses brace themselves for the worst flu season on record

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      British businesses are taking the cold very seriously as firms have seen a 353% rise over the past five years, according to Bupa. The health insurance company has revealed that more and more bosses are providing their employees with flu jab vouchers as part of their corporate health and benefits packages to boost productivity, reduce […]

      Would you put a price on your relationship?

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      Millions of Brits have revealed they would trade in their relationship and even ditch their spouse for as little £50,000, but how far would you go for a pay rise? In recent months, pay growth across the country has been seen to have eroded despite more people in work, and it seems plenty of Brits […]

      How Unique are You?

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      New research has uncovered the odds of you being one of a lucky few with certain appearances, possessions, and abilities. Stressed for an interview and mentally comparing yourself to the other candidates in the waiting room, it can be easy to forget what makes you stand out from the crowd. However, very soon, and in […]

      No surprises – new skills training, promotions & pay rises key to retaining staff

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      A new report has revealed the priorities for bosses when it comes to retaining staff and keeping them positive in the workplace. The study of 750 senior business professionals by Arch Apprentices provided an insight into employee retention – uncovering how to have a happy and productive workforce. Enabling employees to learn new skills was […]