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      Brits too busy for socialising

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      Half of British workers have revealed that they consider themselves too busy to use up their full holiday allowance. As part of the Flights quicker than campaign, holiday flight experts Monarch has looked into how much time and effort is put into mundane tasks when they could be taking a break, yet many in the […]

      Hone your skills at the next PA Life Training Day

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      Personal and executive assistants of all levels can improve their existing skills and learn new ones at the next PA Life Training Day, taking place on Monday, 25 September at the InterContinental London – The O2. PA Life Training Day features four streams with topics ranging from entry-level PA knowledge to more advanced techniques, so […]

      How to survive the job interview

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      Getting through a job interview unscathed is a tricky task, especially when up against a high-profile company or a strict recruiter. While making a lasting and positive first impression can make or break your interview within seconds of arriving, the art of leaving a good impression has been dwindling among new recruits, and we have […]

      How important is pay in your perfect job?

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      Experts have revealed the best British job position, which should offer perks such as flexible working hours and a generous salary. In a study by OnePoll.com, Brits were asked to describe their dream job and all the benefits that come with it; and while pay and personalities were highly ranked, the most important factor didn’t […]

      A memo from Craig Harris

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      Craig Harris knows first-hand what it’s like to be told he didn’t have the right experience for a job. Here he discusses how he overcame adversity to land his dream role “Success is what happens after you stop making excuses.” How true is this? Sometimes it’s easy to find the excuse for why we haven’t […]

      Training cuts cost businesses productivity

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      Businesses spending less on training are putting their company at risk of lower engagement and productivity, according to new reports. Management and talent specialist Alexander Mann Solutions is urging managers and employers to invest in training options to encourage development, boost morale and even support talent retention. The statement has been issued following new statistics […]

      Start up and micro businesses have happiest workers

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      Workers in companies with nine or less members were most likely to love their work compared to those in big corporations, a study has revealed. In a report from the One4all Spotlight Awards showed that almost one in three workers in micro businesses with a maximum of nine staff members loved their job, while those […]

      Owning a pet could make you a better worker

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      Pet owners are a positive influence on their colleagues and neighbours, according to a new study. Reports by the University of Western Australia and the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition have revealed that pet owners frequently have stronger ties to the local area than those without pets, regularly having a more cheerful outlook and can […]

      Hiring the wrong person costs UK businesses billions

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      Recruiters are being urged to be mindful as British businesses are losing billions of pounds a year through hiring mistakes. 85% of HR decision-makers admitting their company has hired the wrong candidate, but a third still believe the mistake hasn’t cost the firm any profits. A report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation hopes to […]

      How to work with Millennials

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      The business landscape is changing to reflect the growing world around us, and introducing the Millennial to the workplace can be a nightmare for some businesses. The Millennials and ‘Generation Z’ are the first generations to grow up within a constantly-connected, multicultural world, and they’re bringing their new experiences to the working world. Opinionated, informed […]