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    Almost six in ten office workers are struggling to separate their work and home life

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    Almost six in ten office workers are struggling to separate their work and home life after ditching their commute, research has revealed. A survey of 2,000 UK adults who have been forced to work from home this year found the average person is saving 60 minutes a day due to the lack of travel to […]

    Home working will save London commuters 23.5 days a year in travel time

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    Tyto’s latest ‘Cost of a London Commute’ study has shown that working from home will save workers an average of 23.5 days per year in travel time – which is the equivalent of  £10,020  in  unpaid time. Remote working also saves commuters an average of  £5,114  in travel costs, which is nearly a fifth (18%) of […]

    Are companies legally responsible for workers’ commutes?

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    As some professionals begin to return to the workplace, Kate Hindmarsh, partner and head of the employment team at Langleys Solicitors shares her thoughts on what it means for businesses, and why employers should initiate discussions with workers as soon as possible. “Now that the lockdown is beginning to ease, the workforce is being asked to […]

    Five things companies need to consider before employees return to the workplace

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    by Kate Palmer, Associate Director of Advisory at Peninsula Earlier this week, the UK Government released a roadmap for easing lockdown provisions in England, including instructing workers to go back to work if they cannot feasibly work from home and their workplace is open. It’s important to note, that this does not mean that everything […]

    Commute getting on your nerves? It’s costing you £135,000 before you retire…

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    For UK workers, commuting time has increased by 18 hours compared to a decade ago, according to the TUC. Meanwhile, a study by Totaljobs shows the average worker is set to spend a whopping £135,000 on their commute by the time they retire. Following these findings, Instant Offices investigated which cities around the world are the best and worst for […]

    What would happen to your body if you swapped your car for a bike?

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    Cycling to work is better for your health, mentally and physically. The UK is a nation of hardcore commuters. The average worker in the UK today will spend over a year of their life commuting to and from — and it’s taking its toll on us mentally and physically. Merlin Cycles challenged the commuting status […]

    Car, bus, bike or train – How do you get to work?

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    Despite government efforts to get more people on public transport to cut congestion and pollution, Britons would still rather hop in the car. As governments around the world look for ways to get citizens out of cars and onto public transport for health and environmental reasons, a new YouGov survey reveals that it won’t be […]

    Londoners now face the longest commute, reveals study

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    The average daily commute has increased by 18 hours compared to over a decade ago, with many workers travelling for up to 58 minutes both ways. Getting to and from work now takes five minutes longer, according to new analysis published by the TUC, which marks the annual Commute Smart Week organised by Work Wise […]

    New Novotel opens at Stansted

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    More events and hotel opportunities for those traveling into Stansted Arora Hotels have announced the completion of the a multi-million pound refurbishment to their Stansted hotel, transitioning it to their Novotel brand in the process. The four star renovation has added extras such as connecting and family rooms, as well as giving a makeover to […]

    Would you commute in a bus bed?

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    Sleepy commuters could soon travel into work in designer buses fitted with beds fashioned by mattress producer Simba. Passengers on the vehicle, which designers hope will eventually operate on eight routes across four UK cities in Autumn 2018, will be able to sleep off their excesses in 14 discreet futuristic pods. We’re expected to fall asleep […]

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