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      See the 12 worst commuters we deal with every day

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      Commuting is a cause of daily stress for most of us, and it’s not going to change any time soon. The work commute was ranked among PA Life readers’ worst parts of office life, sharing the lead with bad bosses, and the people the other people on the road or taking the same transport as us is a main reason for stress.

      While de-icing the car and dealing with changing weather can be a source of irritation, along with pointless traffic lights or delays holding up your journey, we spend the majority of our time on our way to work grumbling about the people around us as opposed to the elements or council. Vehicle leasing company OSV has looked into the worst traits and habits people hold when you’re stuck with them on the train, bus or sat in traffic, and they’ve listed their top 12 commuters from hell in an infographic below.

      Despised commuters

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