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    Office workers feel they’re gaining weight on the job

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    64 per cent of Americans that have or had worked in an office environment said that it caused their health and fitness levels to decline. Not only that, a whopping nine in 10 who have gained weight while working an office job blame their workplace for playing a role. A new study of 2,000 Americans, […]

    The small things that have big health benefits

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    The reason many of us fail in the campaign to become fit and healthy is because of the complete overhaul we try to force on our lifestyle but instead of completely changing your lifestyle, Vincenzo Ferrara looks at how a few small changes can help you smash your goal. There are many diets, fads and […]

    Struggling with dry January already? Here’s some tips to get your through

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    Mark Pinches, head of coaching at Westfield Health, reveals his alternative stress busters to help you get through January if you have decided to ditch the booze. A New Year marks the opportunity to set out a series of resolutions, whether that is quitting alcohol or aiming to shed a few pounds – we’re all […]

    The importance of encouraging health and well-being in a workforce

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    There has been a surge of positive attitude about health and well-being in the workplace in the last few years, including a drive from the chief medical officer for the UK Government, Professor Dame Sally Davies. Yet many companies are slow to actually make changes and take action. Understanding how to encourage health and well-being in […]

    Don’t forget your bones when working out

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    That’s the latest advice from Public Health England (PHE), which says we should pay more attention to our bone and muscle strength if  in order to stay healthy beyond middle age. PHE says that while increasing numbers of people are taking up some form of cardio vascular exercise, there’s still work to be done to help […]

    One in four Brits never exercise, says British Lung Foundation

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    In a poll of 2,000 UK adults conducted by the British Ling Foundation, 23 per cent admitted they do their best to avoid exercise at all costs – and of the 77 per cent who do exercise, 16 per cent only exert themselves once a week. Walking is the exercise Brits are most likely to engage […]

    Sustrans wants to encourage more women to cycle

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    Almost three quarters (73%) of women living in seven major UK cities never ride a bike for local journeys. Despite this, over two-thirds (68%) say their city would be a better place to live and work if more people cycled, according to ‘Women: reducing the gender gap‘, a report published today by Sustrans. The report, which […]

    Exercise may increase your salary (and sex life)

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    Boffins in the US say they’ve found a link between the amount of exercise a person does and the amount of money they earn. A survey of 2,000 Americans revealed those who say they exercise regularly make $74,000 on average, while those who say they never exercise make $49,000 in comparison. That’s a whopping $25,000 difference. The study, […]

    Forget 10,000 steps – Power walk for 10 minutes at lunchtime

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    It’s not the number of steps you take each day, but the intensity of those steps, that will benefit your health, according to a new medical report – so a 10 minute ‘power walk’ at lunchtime could be the answer. As part of a new campaign, Public Health England (PHE) and the Royal College of […]

    How to encourage staff to exercise at work

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    Sitting down for long periods in the office does little for our health making it even more important to consider exercising at work. Greg Stewart, head of furniture at Office Depot, shares how companies can encourage employees to be more active in the workplace. With On Your Feet Britain taking place this week, there has […]

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