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      Don’t forget your bones when working out

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      That’s the latest advice from Public Health England (PHE), which says we should pay more attention to our bone and muscle strength if  in order to stay healthy beyond middle age.

      PHE says that while increasing numbers of people are taking up some form of cardio vascular exercise, there’s still work to be done to help prevent deterioration of our limbs.

      In fact, the recommendation is that everyone should do strength exercises at least twice a week, whether that’s lifting weights or playing tennis/doing aerobics, both of which are shown to help with bone and muscle conditioning.

      The list of recommended activities includes:

      • Ball games
      • Racket sports
      • Dance
      • Nordic walking
      • Resistance training
      • Yoga, Tai Chi and cycling

      So, maybe we should all spend less time on the treadmill at our next visit to the gym…

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