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      happiness at work

      Don’t kid us, we know it’s a ‘jolly’…

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      It’s official. Business trips are more fun than hard work, claims a report that will surprise no one. Researchers who carried out a detailed study found that, while many employees claim the trips are ‘all work and no play’, the opposite is often true. It also revealed that almost nine out of 10 workers who […]


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      It’s official – workers are at their happiest at 3:25pm, a study has revealed. Researchers looking into the peaks and troughs of the working population’s mood found the average day will see eight happy moments – but five low points. Employees are likely to experience highs when waking after a brilliant night’s sleep, receiving appreciation […]


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      Long working hours, tiredness and not enjoying exercise are the top reasons for not keeping fit Is your boss making you unfit? If you work in the travel and transport sectors, research says he/she is. But other professions are also risking their health due to work pressures. Research commissioned by Gympass and exploring the UK’s […]

      How much ‘down time’ do you get each day…?

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      Working mums and dads get just 48 minutes of time to themselves each day, with the majority not putting up their feet until almost 9pm each night, according to a new study. The study of 2,000 parents also revealed that eight in ten parents wish they had more spare time, and that one in ten […]

      Half of office workers fantasise about their colleagues

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      Around half of all workers fantasise about sleeping with a colleague, client or superior, according to new research. The study by office supplier Printerland.co.uk examined what the British public think about their colleagues and revealed that while around half have thought about sharing their bed with a co-worker, a quarter have actually had an office […]

      The importance of optimism

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      The idea that having a positive mental attitude will help us at work – and in our lives generally – has been with us for decades. There is now a body of evidence that optimism can help us in many ways. Dr Sally Norton, Founder of vavistalife.com explains further Many people see positivity as a […]

      Lateral hiring key to solving skill shortage

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      Employers could be missing out on a major opportunity for staff retention as talent could be hiding under recruiters’ noses, according to new research. The study by Alexander Mann Solutions revealed that a quarter of senior HR professionals believe that lateral hiring is imperative for companies looking to retain talent and solve the skill shortage. […]

      5 ways to stay happy at work

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      Does work feel stale lately but you still love what you do? Perhaps you’re ready to move on but want to make the most of your job until you find a new one. Either way, it’s important to take steps to be happy at work. Glassdoor recently outlined five ways to keep a positive attitude, […]

      Top lies Brits tell their colleagues to appear more cultured

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      The British public have confessed to lying about which countries they’ve travelled to, what books they’ve read and even food they like in order to impress colleagues and friends. According to a study into cultural experiences by MSC Cruises UK, nearly one in three tell their colleagues that they’re ‘foodies’ who regularly dine on exotic […]

      Top reasons Brits are going self-employed

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      With around one in seven Brits hoping to be self-employed at some point in their career, property letting agent City Breaks in Newcastle has surveyed small and medium business owners to identify why so many are attracted to the idea of becoming their own boss, with some even taking a pay cut in the process. […]