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    How much ‘down time’ do you get each day…?

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    Working mums and dads get just 48 minutes of time to themselves each day, with the majority not putting up their feet until almost 9pm each night, according to a new study.

    The study of 2,000 parents also revealed that eight in ten parents wish they had more spare time, and that one in ten said it was gone 10pm by the time they are able to relax.

    The survey – carried out by recipe kit delivery service HelloFresh – claims that two thirds of parents’ evenings are spent preparing and cooking dinner. And naturally the company has the solution…

    “Family life has become a juggling act. Where more parents are working to make ends meet, evenings are no longer a time to relax and unwind,” said HelloFresh CEO Claire Davenport. “We hate to think of so many parents finding dinnertimes stressful and we are always looking to provide solutions to help them make more time for themselves.

    “Evenings used to be an opportunity for families to come together, but with so much to get done mums and dads are left with a fraction of time to make dinner into a family event.”

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