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    Doing Your Part for Corporate Health and Wellbeing

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    By Dawn Eaton, Assistant to Abby Summerville, Global Amenities Direct “Corporate wellness”: this term refers to programs, policies, benefits, and environmental support designed to ramp up the health and safety of all employees. Let’s cut to the chase, now more than ever we need to be looking after our members of staff. Whilst we appreciate that […]

    Six in ten employers have increased wellbeing support

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    Over six in ten (63%) employers have increased their support to staff across one or more areas of mental, financial, physical and social wellbeing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This level of activity clearly demonstrates that the health and wellbeing of staff has come to the fore since the pandemic began.  Katharine Moxham, spokesperson […]

    Pandemic means SMEs must react to demand and support staff’s health and wellbeing remotely

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    SMEs often feel more restricted when it comes to employee benefits in general and healthcare benefits in particular. Whether it is due to budgetary restrictions, lack of options, or scarcity of resources, SMEs may find that they are not able to offer valued employees the rewards they would like. There are, however, options available and […]

    Almost a third of employed adults are unhappy in their current job

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    A study of 2,000 workers found 32 per cent don’t feel motivated in their career and 18 per cent are dissatisfied with their quality of life at work. Over the last 12 months, 64 per cent of the employees polled were based at home, resulting in 61 per cent of them working outside of their […]

    Six simple health tips for working professionals

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    By Lisa, Senior Content Specialist Working professionals undergo immense stress. Tight work schedules and the mounting deadlines push them to the verge of mental tensions and fatigue. Often, working professionals mention that they do not have time for exercise or take care of their health. Amidst hectic schedules, working people may not devote time to […]

    The truth behind your poor office set-up

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    In 2018, it was reported that the majority of UK office workers, around 81% in fact, spent between four and nine hours sitting at their desk each day. That’s a lot of hours racked up in a sedentary position. And when health experts in recent times have attributed prolonged sitting to increased risk of cardiometabolic […]

    The Lensbury Launches Online Fitness Platform

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    The Lensbury Club has launched a virtual fitness platform to provide its members with live and on-demand classes and workouts at home. The four-star resort located in Teddington, South West London, has unveiled ‘The Lensbury at Home’ to encourage both its members and the local business community to stay safe, well and active throughout the […]

    Should 2021 finally be the end of the ‘work til you drop’ culture?

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    More than half of British people have admitted to going to work when sick. The Audit Lab, a digital marketing agency in Bolton, asked the British public if they had ever felt too ill to work but gone in anyway. 56% of survey respondents admitted to going into work unwell and 60% of women said they […]

    Living, Working and Leading Consciously in 2021

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    By Jess Ince, Director, INSYNC For the people whose jobs it is to look after and organise others, living consciously has never been more important. But what exactly does it mean? With everything going on in the world, it can be easy to succumb to worry and overwhelm, rather than existing and taking in the […]

    Covid will intensify burnout unless employers intervene

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    Employees are at greater risk than ever of suffering burnout meaning preventative and curative measures must be put in place. “Employers must look at tackling burnout in a sustainable way, eradicating the factors and issues before they take hold,” says Debra Clark, head of specialist at Towergate Health & Protection. “The past year has been […]