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    Which city will your next job be in?

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    Some people love the stability of staying in a job long-term whilst others enjoy the opportunity to travel and move around trying to market themselves to get the best job possible. For a lot of people, the same is true of trying to find a job. When we search for a job, we often just […]

    What do you get out of your job?

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    It’s not about the money (money, money), sang Jessie J – and that rings true for the majority of British workers when listing the benefits of working. According to a new report by mental health charity St Andrew’s Healthcare, satisfaction, being challenged and ‘making a difference’ are what give workers a feeling of positivity. Many also […]

    These are the skills employers are looking for…

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    Basic numeracy and literacy and IT skills are viewed as more important by employers than technical or sales techniques according to new research by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More than 500 business leaders across London were asked whether they valued certain skills and the most important was basic numeracy (92 per cent) followed […]

    When should you switch jobs? Here’s the answer

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    New research has revealed the optimum length of time for executives to stay in each role on the career ladder, which can accelerate the speed of developing leaders by 25 to 30 per cent. In her new book ‘Accelerated Leadership Development – How to Turn Your Top Talent Into Leaders’, published this week (Kogan Page), […]

    Fake it to make it – How confidence can boost your career

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    It’s probably not earth-shattering news, but a new study has underlined the assertion that confidence is key to professional success. ‘What would Madonna/Beyonce/Taylor Swift do’ is a winning tactic here at PA Life, but the impact on style on career development is the focus of the research by personal styling service Trunk Club. The study […]

    One in three employers won’t hire a transgender candidate

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    A new report has revealed a strong prejudice among UK companies, with one in three admitting they are less likely to hire a transgender worker and 43 per cent ‘unsure’. The survey identified the retail sector as having the highest number (47 per cent) of businesses unlikely to employ a transgender, followed by IT (45 […]

    Thinking of a career break? It could cost you £60k

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    Brits taking a career break could lose as much as £1,300 off their annual salary over the course of an average 47 year career, costing more than £60,000, according to new research from Adzuna. The data – collated by the job site in June 2018 by analysing 406,011 CVs – takes into account all types of career breaks, […]

    Some words used in job ads ‘indicate hostile work environments’ to women

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    US firm Textio thinks it has discovered why some women are put off applying for certain jobs – the words used in job ads are putting them off. The company, which has developed what it called ‘augmented writing software’, has published the results of research in which it analysed ‘millions’ of job ads, pinpointing words such […]

    Are you looking for a Posh new job?

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    If you fancy a job change, there’s still time for you to apply to be Victoria Beckham’s PA. The job is still listed on the Victoria Beckham website, with the position being based in Battersea. No salary is listed and, unsurprisingly, ‘discretion and confidentiality’ is listed as a must. Other duties include: • Ensure NDAs are […]

    Are you left to the ‘office housework’?

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    There are many jobs that need completing in the workplace, from cleaning up after a board meeting to making the teas or coffees for the weekly meeting. Dubbed ‘office housework’ by Harvard Business Review, it seems these less than glamorous tasks are often being left to the women and people of colour in the office. […]