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Take a proper lunch break and reduce stress

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Recent research from Just Eat for Business has found that 90% of employees who take a proper lunch break feel more refreshed and productive, and two out of three employees believe eating lunch together as a team develops a great work culture. With this in mind, Just Eat for Business MD Matt Ephgrave discusses the value of taking breaks […]

New delivered food firm urges companies to pause for lunch

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A new delivered food service has launched to provide sound nutrition for employees, whether they’re working from home or at the office. Love Lunches encourages employers to recognise the importance of pausing for lunch, ensuring time away from the desk and eating a wholesome, healthy meal as part of the employee welfare policy, to deliver […]

Beat the Afternoon Crash at Your Desk: The Sleep-Inducing Foods to Avoid

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We’ve all been there. Halfway through a particularly trying morning – or just any given Monday – you decide to deploy the old reward system tactic on yourself. “Get through this and I will treat you to your favourite lunch,” you tell yourself, sparking enough gusto to power through the rest of the morning’s tasks. […]

Millennials are working 17 extra days a year by not taking a lunch break

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A study, conducted by flexible office specialist Workthere, has revealed that the average ‘lunch hour’ for office workers in the UK is just 28 minutes, shrinking by six minutes since 2017. For millennials this is even shorter, with 25–34-year-old workers taking just 25 minutes on average each day, three minutes less than the current national average. This means younger workers […]

BOOZY work lunches are in danger of becoming a thing of the past, as seven in ten working Brits would no longer DREAM of drinking at lunchtime

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By Harriet Scott New research has revealed the good old days of wine soaked business lunches on expenses could soon be consigned to the history books, as modern business deals are now more likely to be clinched over a sparkling water and a salad. In fact according to the data, seven in ten British business […]

Why your GP wants to encourage employees to take a lunch break

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We chat to Dr Preethi Daniel, from London Doctors Clinic, to find out the importance of having a lunch break and what employers can do to support their staff How does food Improve concentration, productivity and healthiness? The right foods will improve brain function – well, nothing new there, I hear you say. But paying […]