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Take a proper lunch break and reduce stress

Recent research from Just Eat for Business has found that 90% of employees who take a proper lunch break feel more refreshed and productive, and two out of three employees believe eating lunch together as a team develops a great work culture.

With this in mind, Just Eat for Business MD Matt Ephgrave discusses the value of taking breaks and how occasions such as lunch can reduce employee stress and help teams to become more productive…

“It’s days like today National Stress Awareness Day that highlight the importance of employee wellbeing as businesses face new team challenges. While hybrid working has become the norm, it has brought about some new issues – namely the ‘hybrid divide’. Teams are working longer hours and becoming isolated when at home, while others struggle with the office, overwhelmed by the whole experience.

“We recently spoke to our customers and their teams and found that 33% were still unsettled about returning to the office, highlighting why it is important initiatives are put in place to reassure all employees that they will be listened to and considered, reducing their stress and levels of confidence at work.

“One simple initiative that companies can put in place is team lunches and ensuring people take regular breaks. It might seem small, but setting time aside to break away from work will decrease employee stress levels and give them the headspace to be more productive when they return.

“Our latest research found that 90% of employees who took a proper lunch break felt more refreshed and productive and two out of three believed eating lunch together as a team developed a great work culture. Not only does it increase motivation levels, employee engagement and satisfaction, it also reinstates the work life balance that so many had gotten used to in the pandemic whilst working from home.”