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      53% of working Brits lunch out at least once or twice a week 

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      Over half of working Brits lunch out at least once or twice during their working week, and nearly a quarter do so three to four times a week. The research from Perkbox, which surveyed 17,736 users across the country, found that only 11% of employees never lunch out during their working week. This, it says, […]

      The small things that have big health benefits

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      The reason many of us fail in the campaign to become fit and healthy is because of the complete overhaul we try to force on our lifestyle but instead of completely changing your lifestyle, Vincenzo Ferrara looks at how a few small changes can help you smash your goal. There are many diets, fads and […]

      Dining at our desks – why it’s ruining productivity

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      Finding the time to leave your desk to enjoy a lunch break is often neglected by employees, due to their high-pressured jobs and busy schedules. Nick Hucker, CEO of Preoday, reveals how staff and employers can ustilise their lunch break and why pre-ordering lunch can make all the difference. For office workers, the desk is […]

      BOOZY work lunches are in danger of becoming a thing of the past, as seven in ten working Brits would no longer DREAM of drinking at lunchtime

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      By Harriet Scott New research has revealed the good old days of wine soaked business lunches on expenses could soon be consigned to the history books, as modern business deals are now more likely to be clinched over a sparkling water and a salad. In fact according to the data, seven in ten British business […]

      What kind of office eater are you?

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      Working in an office environment, it’s difficult not to notice people’s eating habits. The kitchen can be the catalyst of many office disputes, with many employees complaining about the mess and who used the last of the milk. With this in mind, Forward Role Recruitment has found that there are nine key types of eaters […]

      There is such a thing as a free lunch and it makes you happier

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      Sam Hurst, chief grazer at Grazing Catering, reveals his thoughts on why employers should strive to offer free food in the workplace and the benefits it has on employees When it comes to looking after people at work, the tech companies of Silicon Valley are the first to pop into our minds. The idea of […]

      Do you get a lunch break?

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      PA Life readers have revealed their lunch habits, with some admitting they work straight through their lunch break. Following reports that some Brits are eating the same lunch every day, our readers revealed their midday meal choices, but not many admitting to having the same dish on different days. Plenty of respondents to our twitter […]

      Brits are eating the same lunch every day

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      One in three British workers are about to sit down to the exact same lunch they have every other working day, according to the latest study from food delivery service Deliveroo. The report comes as part of the service’s lame lunch amnesty, which is offering free delivered food to replace disappointing dinners across the country. […]

      The benefits of a dedicated office caterer

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      Eating out of home is as popular now as it has ever been and lunchtime is no exception. With a multitude of choices, choosing the right food is naturally important, but what about the provider? Are you better off hitting the usual high street chains for your sandwich or salad, or should you turn to […]

      Business breakfast and working lunch – Al Desco does it best

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      Al Desco has been delivering ‘Fresh & Yummy’ to the heart of corporate London since 2009. It all started with one customer, a small domestic kitchen and three bicycles. Since then, the company has grown in size and strength, making it London’s favourite food delivery company. Independent and proud What makes Al Desco so great […]