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Do you get a lunch break?

PA Life readers have revealed their lunch habits, with some admitting they work straight through their lunch break. Following reports that some Brits are eating the same lunch every day, our readers revealed their midday meal choices, but not many admitting to having the same dish on different days.

Plenty of respondents to our twitter poll admitted they like to change up their meals and even spend time eating out whenever possible. Taking time outside of the office is proving popular for our readers, with many previously revealing they’d choose a walk over a social media break. Others admitted to wanting to spice up the lunch hour whenever they can, as figures reveal that workers are ending up in a lunch rut by eating cheese or tuna sandwiches every day.

“We spend so much of our time sat at our desks, it’s good to mix things up and have something to look forward to at lunchtime,” said Dan Warne, Managing Director of Deliveroo. “You really don’t have to go to much effort in order to have a delicious lunch.”

Many confessed to not getting time to take the break. Responding ‘what lunch break?’ it reinforced reports that plenty in the industry are choosing work over lunch despite taking more breaks can actually improve productivity in the long-term. Helping to reduce burnout, taking breaks leaves workers refreshed for longer and less likely to become easily distracted.

“As the role of HR professionals broadens and senior managers look to them to provide strategic direction to the business, some HR specialists are struggling to balance these additional responsibilities with their core duties,” said Nick Allwood, HR recruitment manager at Robert Walters in July. “Managers must be conscious of the impact this can have on staff morale and productivity and ensure that a culture of working beyond doesn’t become the norm.”