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Brits are eating the same lunch every day

One in three British workers are about to sit down to the exact same lunch they have every other working day, according to the latest study from food delivery service Deliveroo. The report comes as part of the service’s lame lunch amnesty, which is offering free delivered food to replace disappointing dinners across the country.

Almost three quarters of those surveyed admitted they’ve found themselves in a lunch rut, with ham sandwiches revealed to be the likeliest lunch to repeatedly find ourselves tucking into. Sticking to the basics, most Brits end up eating cheese, tuna or egg mayo sandwiches every day, yet around 40% confessed they were jealous of co-workers that brought in more interesting and varied lunches. Despite this, 16% still don’t think they’ll do anything to change in the future.

A quarter of all employees now eat their lunch at their desk, with 14% only taking a trip out of the office in good weather. Around one in twenty prefer to eat in the comfort of their car, yet many of us won’t even put our lunch in the fridge to avoid thieving co-workers. If people aren’t willing to get out of the office to eat something more rewarding, Deliveroo want to bring the food to tired workers

“We spend so much of our time sat at our desks, it’s good to mix things up and have something to look forward to at lunchtime,” said Dan Warne, Managing Director of Deliveroo. “You really don’t have to go to much effort in order to have a delicious lunch. Ordering with Deliveroo or our corporate service Deliveroo For Business means you can get some of your favourite food delivered straight to your desk within 30 minutes.”

What we’re eating each day takes up around 13 minutes of discussion each day in the office, almost as long as people spend eating their meals every day. Around one in three employees believing midday meals are a hot topic of conversation, yet most of us give ourselves just three different meal options on rotate every day.

To tackle the continuing trend of dull lunches, employees are being encouraged to tweet a picture of their sad looking lunches using the hashtag #LameLunch for the chance of getting a free lunch from Deliveroo.

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