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Things take off for London Jet Charter

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By Terry Farthing, Managing Director, London Jet Charter There was a time when luxury, efficiency, and flexibility were the top 3 reasons to charter a private jet for your business, but now, as the world comes out of lockdown we have gained a new and critical reason to fly private; safeguarding your business by reducing […]

Networking 2.0: What will be the new metrics for meetings

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By Danny Pecorelli, Managing Director, Exclusive Collection The event sector is built on the business of networking, whether a business event, family celebration or partnering with likeminded suppliers.  We shake hands, shape ideas and share knowledge and the 2-metre distancing rule is sure to have a major impact on how meetings are managed and staged. […]

5 Minutes with: Kate Isaacson, EA at Power Solutions (UK) ltd

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Kate Isaacson is fairly new to the world of being a PA/EA. Over just 22 months, she has gone from a complete beginner in the position to now being a well respected and highly regarded up-and-comer. Now the EA to MD at Power Solutions (UK) Ltd, she speaks to us about her experience so far.  How did you come […]