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    Things take off for London Jet Charter

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    By Terry Farthing, Managing Director, London Jet Charter

    There was a time when luxury, efficiency, and flexibility were the top 3 reasons to charter a private jet for your business, but now, as the world comes out of lockdown we have gained a new and critical reason to fly private; safeguarding your business by reducing potential exposure to contamination.

    It’s may not be quite as punchy a tag line, but in todays new ‘business as usual’ guidelines, health and safety is at the forefront, protecting employees and your business is fundamental in todays environment.

    With London Jet Charter on your side chartering a private flight could not be easier. We deliver the five-star experience you always imagined flying by private jet would be. Just let us know when, were, and how many passengers, and we will arrange every last detail of the journey for you, from doorstep to boarding and beyond.

    With exclusive private guest lounges at the airport you can schedule a meeting before you and your passengers board. Of course, if you prefer you can simply drive straight to the steps of the aircraft moments before take-off and use the private jet as your office, or just sit back and travel in ultimate luxury, with spacious interiors all built with exceptional quality and comfort in mind, leaving you refreshed and prepared for your day to begin.

    Rest assured that your aircraft will be fully decontaminated to the highest of standards, with a deep clean before take off and meticulously sanitised throughout.

    Even first-class on a scheduled aircraft cannot compare with the benefits of chartering your own aircraft.

    Whether you’re planning a business trip, a romantic getaway, or a leisure trip, London Jet Charter smooths the way and takes the hassle out of flying.

    No turning up hours in advance, no endless queues, no waiting around, no crowds.
    It may be a necessity now to fly privately, but we guarantee once you have experienced the benefits you will never look back.

    London Jet Charter – for those who fly smarter.

    Terry Farthing – Managing Director, London Jet Charter +44 7772 280 262

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