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      How to order food for office meetings

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      As a PA, your reputation is on the line every time you organise a meeting. From C-suite roundtables to weekly status calls, execution must be flawless. Tick one hassle off the list and order catering online with OfficeServe, a catering platform for breakfast meetings, working lunch and afternoon tea. Here’s the situation: you have a […]

      5 ways to make meetings more useful

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      Research has found that unproductive meetings cost the UK £582 million a week. Poor preparation and a tendency to go off-topic can ruin your plans for efficiency, but there are certain steps you can take when wrapping up a meeting to ensure everyone gets the right message from it. 1 Go through the agenda again […]

      Poor meeting preparation is harming businesses

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      Badly prepared, over-running business meetings are harming businesses, say the directors and managers who are wasting almost three days on average a year in unproductive meetings. To make matters worse, more than a half (51%) of UK business managers say they have been to meetings where documents were found to be missing or else incorrect, […]

      Delegates don’t feel encouraged to participate in meetings

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      More needs to be done by event organisers to encourage participation in meetings, according to research carried out by Imago Venues. While gaining knowledge, building relationships and learning from peers and colleagues rank highly as reasons why people commit their time to attending meetings, the results show that just 51% of delegates and 37% of […]

      App of the week: Charlie

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      Welcome back to our weekly spotlight on helpful apps. We focus on a variety of products that are useful for work, personal use, or both, providing our own thoughts on the apps and what you can do with them. This week we get briefed on our meeting attendees with Charlie. An intro to Charlie Your big […]

      CWT 2017 Meetings & Events Forecast predicts event growth

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      CWT Meetings & Events has launched its 2017 Forecast. CWT uses data and insights about all aspects of the industry to provide meeting planners essential information they need to successfully plan and budget for the coming year. From a global perspective, analysts predict GDP growth will be slightly lower in 2017, so now is the time for […]

      Digital tools shunned at UK board meetings

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      New research with senior business executives has revealed that many UK boards are not utilising digital tools in meetings, with 59% admitting that minutes are still hand written and then circulated once typed out. The research, conducted by TLF Research for technology firm eShare, also revealed an overwhelming reliance on email for sharing agendas and other meeting information. […]

      Unproductive meetings cost the UK economy £582 million a week

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      Researched commissioned by Altodigital has revealed that over-run meetings cost the UK economy a staggering £582 million a week, with 95% of those questioned admitting that they have meetings that regularly over run, and more than half (53%) agreeing that some could definitely have been conducted more efficiently. The poll of 1000 office workers from […]

      British businesses could save £27,000 a year by video conferencing

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      Research conducted by cloud-based online meeting platform LyteSpark has revealed that British businesses with teams and clients across the globe could bolster their balance sheets and save, on average, £27,209 per year on business trips abroad if they use video conferencing platforms. LyteSpark analysed the average cost involved to travel from the UK to 20 business […]

      1 in 3 meeting attendees are falling asleep

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      The afternoon drop in productivity across the nation’s meeting attendees is a well-known occurrence according to a recent survey, with 44% of respondents confirming they feel less productive between 2pm-4pm. A recent global survey by Hilton, which uncovered the habits of British, German and US meeting attendees, revealed that more than one in three (34%) […]