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      Mental Health Awareness Week

      2019 Mental Health Awareness Day: Centre yourself with PA Life Courses

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      PA Life has teamed up with New Skills Academy to offer our readers access to a hand-picked selection of essential personal and professional development courses. Available via the PA Life website and specially curated by an expert team, the 104 courses include essential guides to workplace wellness and wellbeing, encompassing:- Assertiveness Skills Certification Boost your […]

      Half of managers think workers with mental health issues are a ‘liability’

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      A study of British senior managers found that 51 percent admit that they consider a worker who is mentally unwell to be a liability, with 65 percent saying they thought talking about mental health at work was a sign of weakness. A fifth admit they have felt in the past that a member of staff […]

      Mental health struggles and burnout costing the UK economy £1.4bn a year

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      British workers are still uncomfortable disclosing mental health issues or burnout, with nearly a quarter (23%) admitting they would rather take an unexplained sick day than discuss their issues with their employers.   Indeed, the research carried out by HR software provider Breathe found 40% of employees are uncomfortable calling in sick to their employer […]

      MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK: Key reasons why mental health needs to be addressed by businesses

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      Andy Dean, Simon Stapleton and Tim Evans, co-founders of Neurotech company Truthsayers, discuss five reasons why the mental wellbeing of employees is such a key concern in the workplace… 1. Mental health is a corporate responsibility It is important for employers to recognise the role they play in managing employee mental health and the benefits […]

      MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK: How can technology help reduce stress in the workplace?

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      59% of UK adults experience stress in the workplace but could business technology provide a means to help reduce this figure? The combination of technology and mental health can often have negative connotations. There is plenty of media attention surrounding the negative impact the former can have on the latter. In fact, there is research […]

      VIDEO: Stressed Brits checking email in the middle of the night – Are you one of them?

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      One in three Brits are so stressed at work they have checked their emails in the middle of the night, a study has found. Researchers, commissioned by eve Sleep in partnership with the charity Mental Health UK to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, polled 2,000 adults and found 79 per cent struggle to switch […]

      9m workers would ‘dread’ discussing their mental wellbeing with their superiors

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      As Mental Health Awareness Week kicks off, almost one third of UK employees have revealed that they would not feel comfortable talking to their manager about mental health problems. Researchers have discovered that in excess of nine million workers would ‘dread’ discussing their mental wellbeing with their superior due to a fear of being judged. […]

      74% of Brits say stress is making them feel overwhelmed

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      As Mental Health Awareness kicks off today, the Mental Health Foundation has revealed that almost three quarters of the UK population have felt so stressed that they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. While stress isn’t a mental health problem in itself, it often leads to depression, anxiety, self-harm and even suicide. It can […]