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      Demanding bosses turn up the pressure on City stress

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      Demanding bosses and increased work burdens are turning up the pressure and stress levels for City of London workers, with staff expected to be always available, new research from MetLife shows. Its study among senior decision makers from financial institutions and investment banks found 95% say they are expected to be always available for work, […]

      How to conquer loneliness in the workplace

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      Loneliness has been a hot topic in the news since a commission started by the late MP Jo Cox began investigating this nationwide epidemic. Several studies in the past have shown that loneliness at work can have a negative effect on staff productivity and engagement. If you’re feeling isolated in your job, here are some easy […]

      How to stop multitasking and start unitasking

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      Business mindfulness expert Dana Zelicha of the Organisational Well Being Agency discusses how to stop multitasking and start unitasking to reduce stress at work Multitasking is a common practice with the many distractions people face throughout the day. The belief that multitasking helps us accomplish everything we have to get done, however, is a myth. […]

      Tips for dealing with impostor syndrome

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      Have you had a promotion recently or received praise from your boss but don’t feel like you deserve it? You could be suffering from impostor syndrome, a phenomenon in which you can’t internalise your accomplishments and fear you might be found out as a fraud. If this sounds like you, follow these simple tips from […]

      7 signs you’re approaching burnout at work

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      Stress is truly a silent killer. It builds up slowly until the pressure becomes too much for you to handle. However, you can stop it from getting that far if you pay attention to your body. Here are seven signs that you’re approaching burnout at work. 1 You’re cynical If you find yourself getting sarcastic […]

      Brain activity unlocks link between stress and heart disease

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      It has long been known that those who experience high levels of stress are at greater risk of heart disease later in life. A new study has revealed why this occurs, and it turns out the problem starts in the brain. Research published in The Lancet looked at data collected from 300 people and found […]

      Brits lose 2 years to a bad mood

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      To mark Blue Monday, a new study has found that the average Brit will spend a year and eight months of their life in a bad mood. Each day sees the average adult down in the dumps for a total of 41 minutes thanks to things such as a bad night’s sleep, technology problems, bad […]

      NHS test determines your workplace stress

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      Workplace stress is so commonplace these days that it seems everyone and their uncle complains at some point in their career. But are we actually stressed or do we just need to lower our expectations? A new online test from NHS Choices can help you determine how much workplace stress you’re actually under. The simple […]

      AXA PPP’s employee sleep tips

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      Research from Rand Europe reveals that sleep deprivation costs the UK £40 billion a year, which equates to 200,000 working days. Here, AXA PPP healthcare provides some top tips for employees to ensure they’re getting a good night’s kip. Have you noticed that when you feel good about yourself, you work better? When you’re mentally […]

      Research reveals what we really mean when we say ‘I’m fine’

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      A survey into the emotions of the nation has revealed that Brits are apparently feeling ‘fine’. A study of 2000 people has found that the average adult will say ‘I’m fine’ 14 times a week, though really just 19% mean it. Almost a third of those surveyed said they often lie about how they are […]