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      You shouldn’t need to pull a sickie to have a mental health day

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      Businesses need to stop penalising employees when they legitimately take days off for the good of their mental health, and should even introduce ‘mental health home days’ to encourage loyalty, support and good communication in the workplace, according to cognitive psychologist and business neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw. Some companies in the US and Australia offer […]

      Almost 1 in 3 have experienced mental health issues while in employment

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      According to new research by the CIPD, the number of people saying that they have experienced mental health issues while in employment has climbed from a quarter to a third over the last five years. Despite this, the majority of employees still don’t feel that people experiencing mental health issues are supported well enough at […]

      BHWA & Men’s Health Forum call on employers to help bulldoze stigma surrounding ‘stress’ taboo

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      Men’s Health Week has returned (13-19 June) and this year aims to lessen the stigma surrounding stress and mental health in general among men. Both practice and research confirm that men are less likely to admit to feeling stressed or engage in talk therapies for mental health Research has shown that there are typically far […]

      Mental illness could cost 50 million years of lost work

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      The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a report that shows the stark reality of the cost of mental illness on businesses. The study estimates that 12 billion working days – equivalent to 50 million years – will be lost between now and 2030. The WHO has also found that failing to effectively treat mental […]